Why does my skin feel dry a few hours after applying moisturiser? (Query)

Come winter and your skin feels drier than ever! Here's how to deal with it.

I am 25-year-old female with dry skin. I apply moisturiser every day without fail. My skin looks okay for a few hours but becomes dry soon after. Do I need to use moisturiser throughout the day? Is there a permanent solution to treat dry skin?

Dr Rohit Batra, Dermatologist, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi, says, The only way to deal with dry skin is to apply moisturiser regularly. It will keep your skin hydrated and prevent excessive loss of water from the body through sweat. Also, extreme care is needed during winters as your condition might worsen during the harsh weather.

One of the key reasons for dry skin is the lack of sufficient water content in the body, which in turn leads to dry and even scaly skin in some cases. Your skin can become dry due to trans-epidermal water loss or water excreted through sweat or urine. However, when you apply moisturiser, only the topmost layer of the skin is hydrated and not the inner layer of the skin. And thus, when you wash your face, the moisturiser is washed off and thus, provides you a temporary solution. This is the reason why you need to apply moisturiser every time you wash your skin or feel that it has become dry.

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Unfortunately, there is no permanent solution to get rid of dry skin. However, you can use creams and lotions to moisturise your skin. But before you buy one, make sure it contains either paraffin wax, aloe vera or glycerine, as they are the best ingredients for nourishing dry skin. And if you are looking for natural ways to deal with dry skin, you can use coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil or honey bee wax.

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