What you need in your wardrobe for the monsoons

Your wardrobe has to be monsoon ready in every way. Here is all that you need to have in place.

Monsoon must haveThe monsoons can be quite a menace for clothing and can play spoiler to your events or outings. There are certain rules that you have got to follow to keep hygiene as a priority, especially during a season that is marred by infections and other woes. There are certain things your wardrobe needs, to be able to deal with the heavy showers.

The first and foremost: Men and women simply cannot step out without strong and sturdy umbrellas. Getting drenched from head to toe is a big no-no! There are many options available when you're shopping for umbrellas. You could play around with colours and prints that suit your personality. Celebrity, fashion and personal stylist Nelly Wadia mentions India Circus by Krishna Mehta and Cupidity to find some quirky and fun prints. As Nelly suggest, men can opt for more neutral colours like black and grey.

We further add to this list for men and women separately across footwear, rainwear, daily clothing and accessories. Here is what you need to look for in your wardrobe:

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1) Footwear

  • An important consideration when stepping out in the rains is of course your footwear. There is no way that you can go wrong with this. Celebrity and fashion stylist Shreeja Rajgopal advises, 'To avoid a messy day, opt for jelly flip flops they work best for the season. They don't absorb water or muck and don't allow any splash of water on to your clothes either.'
  • As for more styles of footwear, gumboots are the basic need too. Nelly says, 'Gumboots are sanitary and don't make you squeal with water seeping in or touching your feet! However, if it fits your style then be sure to get them. You can also opt for jelly ballerinas if that's what you fancy more, but good rain footwear is essential; you don't want to ruin your other great shoes for lack of options!'

2) Rain wear

  • Raincoats and trench coats keep you dry and save your clothes from disaster, especially if you're running for meetings or are outdoors most of the time during this season. Nelly says, 'I especially love those transparent ones, so cool and so chic or even a trench: I've always loved the rain trench and we do have the weather for it.'
  • If you don't mind going all out and adventurous and if your profession allows you to do so, play suits are what you should invest in. Shreeja recommends, 'Play suits The most comfortable pair of clothing, stays away from the water and muck and keeps you stress free of any stains.'

3) Daily clothing

  • We all know that a pair of shorts can spare you from so much torment during this season. Nelly suggests, 'Women in shorts and nice mid length skirts and dresses always make for a great visual delight; opt for colours like oxblood to stand out. Apart from the bright colours, try going for colours of autumn, like rust, olive green and mustard yellow and you could look stunning.'
  • Many of us are prone to feeling cold, especially after spending hours at rooms and places with centralised air conditioners. Nelly says, 'This season is just as great as winter to layer up, so do just that - a denim jacket, a blazer for more formal do's or just a cardigan over bright tank tops with leggings below for that laid back look. If you want to dress it up a little, you could also try boyfriend jeans which is a very current trend that looks quite nice on the ladies.'


1) Footwear

You don't want to pick up an infection because of your choice of footwear. Be conscious of what you step out in. Nelly advices, 'Men should by all means avoid flip flops, they kick up dirt on your clothes and are not the best at keeping the feet clean and cause you to slip on various surfaces. You could however opt for sneakers during drizzles or kicks that aren't made of cloth fabric. Floaters are very old school, but if you know how to work them, go for it - Bata and Crocs to the rescue.'

2) Rainwear

A windcheater cuts the clutter and is the best advisable way to protect your suits from drenching or staining. Nelly advises, 'A windcheater is ideal for men and there are plenty of colour options for this. It work's because it's a practical thing to own and it helps in layering too, just like a jacket.'

3) Daily clothing

  • One may have to be conscious of getting the clothes soaked, but the monsoons could also usher in a pleasant change to your wardrobe. Shreeja suggests, 'Light colored, pastel tee shirts are great for the day and casual wear.' For a little dressy look Nelly suggests, 'Men can opt for the Bomber jacket trend as a layering tool, or a nice black vest over your shirt or even a long sleeves shirt over a tee to provide great styling assistance on any gloomy day. The choice of colours can be varied - men can do white in the rains though, and it works well if used under the layers.
  • As for the bottoms, Shreeja further recommends, 'Chinos with a tee shirt work great for men during the monsoon. When folded around the ankle it can just add that right amount of edge to the look. Shorts can be a convenient option for casual wear too.' If you're the type to experiment with style as much then Nelly advises, 'Men should opt for some 3/4th pants in cotton - they come in stripes and various prints - you should easily find them on Jabong and at French Connection.'

4) Other Accessories

Men can't do without their watches and the rains are certainly no reason to leave them behind. Shreeja says, 'A waterproof watch is a must. Since that's the only accessory men wear on a daily basis, invest in a waterproof watch. Let the watch compliment the rest of your attire accordingly.'

For a season that needs you to care a little more than you usually do, this wardrobe must-haves guide could help you sail through the monsoons smoothly.

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