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What happens when you share roll-on deodorants?

What happens when you share roll-on deodorants?

Beware! You could develop many bacterial and fungal skin infections.

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Published : August 7, 2017 1:45 PM IST

Sharing personal hygiene items with your partner and friends is kind of inevitable. While you may want to borrow everything from your spouse s brush to your sister s soap and your friend s nail clippers, sharing every personal hygiene item especially a roll-on deodorant may not be the best idea. After all, you would not want to get someone else s perspiration on you. And sharing something that has been on someone else s armpit is nothing less than gross in the first place. Dermatologist Dr Sejal Shah tells you what happens when you use someone else s roll-on deodorant.

What happens when you share a roll-on deodorant?

The seemingly harmless roll-on deodorant when shared can put you at the risk of many skin problems. If you are using a deodorant stick, you may think you only transfer hair and skin cells, but in reality, the germs get into nicks from shaving or ingrown hairs and cause skin infections. At the same time, a roll on deodorant is stickier, it can transfer bacteria and lead to an infection. Some deodorants kill the odour causing bacteria, so the antibacterial ingredients in them provide some protection. However, many deodorants especially the organic ones just mask the smell with the fragrance, so it is easy for the bacteria and germs from the underarms to grow on the stick. Try using these homemade deodorants.

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Protip-- If you must use your friend s roll-on deodorant, you better soak the tip of the roll-on deodorant with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball first. If your armpits misbehave, you can instead just borrow a deodorant spray so that you feel fresh and also do not contract any infection at the same time. Just make sure that you do not use a deodorant that is past its expiry date.

Bottomline-- Never use anyone else s roll-on deodorant (unless you love rubbing your body with all the bacteria and fungus). Did you know sharing a comb could lead to ringworm on the scalp?

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