What happens when you share a comb?

Beware, you can even suffer from ringworm on the scalp.

You have perhaps found yourself in a situation like this. You style your hair for the evening party, but your hair refuses to stay in place even before you reach mid way. You did not carry a comb, so you ask your friends around for a comb. Your friend rustles her comb out of her bag, and you run her used comb over your head. That can t be healthy, can it?

What happens when you share a comb?

Yes, lice are the biggest risk of sharing a hair brush, but combs can also spread many diseases like ring worm fungus, scabies and sometimes even a staph infection. Ringworm can affect the scalp, so if you are sharing a friend s comb that has ringworm, you can develop a rash, suffer from temporary baldness, have crusty and dry scalp and brittle hair. You should avoid sharing brushes at the salon at all costs. If you use one, make sure that they use a sanitizer before they run the comb through your hair. Here are expert tips to prevent your hair from damage.

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How to clean your hair brush?

You also need to ensure that you need to keep your brush clean as you can get infections from any dirty hair brush.Hair brush can collect dirt, dust and build up from your strands. While you may often remove the hair strands from the bristles, you should also consider cleaning your comb once a week. Before cleaning your comb, you should try and remove as many tangled strands as possible. Make it a point to soak your brush in antibacterial soap and water for about an hour every week. Washing will loosen any dirt or remaining hair on your brush. It can be wise to periodically check your hair brush for any split bristles which can hold on your hair and damage the strands. Also, stop making these 5 haircare mistakes right now.

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