What happens to your body when you wax?

Waxing can leave your skin pores open.

Waxing can never be pain-free but that is not all. There are other things that happen to your skin when you wax. Whether you are new to waxing, or a seasoned waxer, it will be helpful to know from beauty expert Nandini Agarwal from Marvie Ann Beck Academy what waxing actually does to your body.

Waxing creates small wounds: When you pull the hair out of their roots, small wounds are created. Since the hair is firmly attached to the root, when you pull out a hair from the root, you leave a tiny wound just under the surface of the hair.

Waxing leaves you with the risk of an infection: Removing hair from sensitive areas like your pubic region can increase the risk of tiny tears so that the bacteria can get into them and lead to an infection. So, you could be leaving your body, at the risk of an infection after waxing. Follow these tips to soothe irritated skin after waxing.

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Waxing damages the hair bulb: Pulling out the hair from the roots with waxing can damage the hair bulb. This means that the hair will grow less dense and will have a finer texture after waxing. So waxing from a younger age will guarantee that you have finer hair growth when you age.

Waxing burns your skin: Although professionals do not work with very hot wax that burns your skin, sometimes you can still experience the burning sensation. Your skin is more prone to a burn if you use any anti-ageing or acne cream that contains a retinoid. Here's how you can avoid unwanted side effects of waxing.

Waxing leaves your skin pores open: Waxing can leave your pores open and thus you must keep your skin clean and nourished after a wax. Your skin might feel a bit tender after wax so it is crucial that you take good care of your skin. Make sure that you exfoliate your skin well for the pores to not get clogged.

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