Weird facial treatments that actually work

Due to the steady stream of social media posts, bizarre rituals have gained a lot of popularity and some of them are good for your skin.

If you think women's obsession with looking beautiful is only limited to the age of the Kardashians, think again. Since 4000BC, women have been obsessed with looking beautiful and the first evidence was found in Egypt where women used to paint their lips with pigments extracted from bugs. Even Victorian women were known to apply toxic white lead as a mask to achieve the pale skin.

However, nowadays we do not resort to good old home remedies or the C-T-M routine any more. Due to the steady stream of social media posts, bizarre rituals have gained a lot of popularity. From slightly offbeat to downright surreal, snail slime to leech therapy, here we have mentioned about few trends that are doing the rounds. However, when you will read about the treatments, you will feel that we are going back to the ancient times.

Leech Therapy

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Leech therapy is a treatment which was first used by the Egyptian women for a general cure of the body during ancient times. Though, this therapy involves a trained practitioner attaching leeches to parts of your face and allowing the leech to suck the blood out of your skin. It is claimed that when they bite your skin the enzymes that get released into the bloodstream is good for your health and also has detoxifying benefits. The glands in the leeches are said to contain compounds that are best for skin treatment. Leech therapy leaves the skin look radiant, smooth and younger. It helps to reduce acne and other inflammation as well.

Bird Poop Facial

David and Victoria Beckham have made this therapy very popular. Bird poop facial is very popular in Japan. The Japanese bush warbler bird is chosen to harvest the poop because it has a short digestive tract that keeps most of the enzymes that are good for your skin intact. And the enzymes help to break down dead skin cells. Bird droppings have a high concentration of guanine and urea. Urea is the skin's secret moisturising agent. The whole process involves collecting bird poops, then sanitising under UV lights. Then waiting till the time it gets dried and grounded into a fine powder. Then to make a face mask or a face cleanser this powder is mixed with water. Applying gently on the face helps and the grainy texture of the powder also helps to gently exfoliate the skin.

Snail Slime Facial

South Korea has introduced snail slime facial. The little creatures produce secretion known as mucin, which gets stuck on the surface of the skin and also helps the skin to stay hydrated during the dry seasons. The secretion has glycoprotein enzymes, hyaluronic acid, elastin, peptides and anti-microbial elements. It also is full of glycolic acid that helps to increase the collagen production in the skin, which makes the skin smoother and also even out the tone. It also helps fight sun-spots and smoothens wrinkles. The enzymes also aid wound healing and stimulate cell regeneration. For the facial treatment, a trained practitioner will allow snails to crawl over your torso and face.

Vampire Facial

This is a treatment that uses your blood to promote the regeneration of your skin cells. Vampire facial involves microdermabrasion and then followed by using platelet-rich plasma applied over your skin. At times radio-frequencies are applied to increase the effectiveness of the therapy. After the therapy, you will have redness on the skin and the recovery time is one or two days. This eventually fades, but the application of an SPF is a must. You also have to avoid makeup for a few days after the treatment. The plasma is derived from your own blood and it contains platelets. These platelets are rich in growth factors and acts as a juice pack for the skin. It also increases the elastin and collagen in the skin. It also has antioxidant and hydrating properties. It evens out the skin tone and texture, smoothens fine lines and is even known to promote hair growth (think eyebrows). It is known to reduce the appearance of scars, wrinkles and stretch marks, rejuvenate the under-eye area, tighten pores and plump up skin in general. Platelet-rich plasma is now commonly being used as part of facials along with micro-needling to make sure the ingredients penetrate the skin.

Magnetic Face Mask

Magnetic face masks have a combination of traditional skin care ingredients along with fine magnetic particles that create a micro-current when used in conjunction with a magnet. Apply the thick paste on your skin and let it stay for 10 minutes. Then the magnet attracts the surface of your skin. The best point of this face mask is that it involves no water, and the dirt from the skin gets pulled out by the magnet. The magnetic attraction between the magnet and the magnetic particles in the face mask entraps pollutants and other debris from the skin. It is a great agent for unclogging pores. The combined effect of the beneficial ingredients and the micro-magnetic fields in the mask helps to treat inflammation and leave the skin detox. The treatment is gaining popularity as anti-ageing treatments as they polish and refine the look of the skin.

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