Waxing or threading -- which one better to get rid of hair from my upper lip?

Waxing versus threading -- here's what you should choose.

I am an 18-year-old girl and want to get rid of the hair on my upper lip. I am planning to visit my nearest parlour but am confused as to whether I should get it waxed or threaded. Which method is safer and best for my skin?

Hair on the upper lip is a normal phenomenon and most women prefer to get rid of it either by waxing it off, threading it or getting it permanently removed with laser hair removal techniques. Here is all the information you will need to make an informed decision about the method you should choose in order to keep your skin healthy.

Threading -- what is it?

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Threading is a hair removal process where your aesthetician or beautician uses a piece of thread to pluck out hair from areas on your upper lip. This is done repeatedly over small sections to get rid of all the hair. You may also like read more about threading.

Waxing-- what is it

Waxing is a method where your beautician uses heated wax to depilate hair. The wax is applied over the area and a cloth strip is placed over the area. It is then pulled off in one quick motion to remove the hair. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind before you decide to wax.

Threading: The pros and cons

The pros of threading include the fact that it does not pull at the skin like waxing does, protecting your skin from stretching. It is often much less messier than waxing and does not burn your skin (as hot wax might) and is a more sanitary method of hair removal.

The cons of this process are that the friction of the thread on your skin or if your skin can gets caught between the thread, it can cut you. It is often though to be a slower process than waxing and hence more painful.

Waxing: The pros and cons

The pros of waxing are that since the wax is warm it helps relax the skin in that area and eases the process of depilation. It also is done in one quick motion and may be less painful than threading.

The cons though, are that since the area above your lips are sensitive and delicate, wax that is too hot can burn you. Also, when the cloth strip is pulled off, it can pull off the delicte top layer of your skin too (since the skin in that area is thin). Apart from that, the fact that the pulling action tends to stretch the skin, it can loosen the skin around your lips and lead to wrinkles in the long run.

Which is better?

Considering the evidence, threading is a better, safer and more skin friendly option. Not only is it more skin friendly, but it also does not pull at it.Moreover there is no wax residue left over on your face (making it a much cleaner process) and the product used to remove the wax can sometimes cause skin irritation.

Also, during waxing, if the hair is not pulled out in the right direction it can lead to the formation of blisters or boils on the skin. Worse it may lead to ingrown hair. Threading eliminates all these possibilities.

It is also a much safer option for people with thin or sensitive skin and for those on medication like acutane (a side effect of the medication is the formation of rashes on the skin making it very sensitive) .

Finally, threading is better because it is more sanitary and you can be sure that your beautician has not used the thread on someone else before (as it is broken off after use). In the case of waxing there is a high chance of double dipping which can lead to a skin infection.

Finally, remember that depilation for the first time, no matter what method you use can be painful, so choose an option that will work for your skin in the long run. Also, make sure you visit one beautician to remove the hair from your upper lip and to shape your eyebrows. This is important as over time your beuatician will understand your skin type and know what kind of products suit you best.

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