Want to go bare-chested this summer? It may be healthy to shave off your chest hair first

Shaving can be a good option to keep the bad body odour away which gets locked in hair.

Is it ok for men to shave their chest during the scorching heat? Read on to know more.

The hot summer season is here and so is the unwanted heat and sweat. Amidst the sticky weather, it gets a tad difficult to manage your wellbeing and hygiene. Many people have been complaining about bad body odour and excessive sweating. Therefore, there has always been a debate on whether or not to shave chest hair. During earlier times, having chest hair was much more than just raw and rough looks. Cave men used to have chest hair as this used to protect them from parasites and poisonous insects from latching onto them. But centuries later, chest hair became a sensation and a sign of good looks during the disco era of the 1970s. There was hardly anyone who even though of shaving, waxing or even trimming their chest hair.

However, cut to 2020, there are people who find that a shaved chest increases their sex appeal. There are many women who prefer men with a shaven chest rather than a hairy one. According to a research which was conducted by OnePoll on 2,000 men, it was found that 55 per cent of the participants felt ashamed about their body hair. Nearly a quarter said it haunts them. Almost one-third avoided swimming because of hair issue and another quarter avoided the gym. Not just that, many men claimed that having chest hair also affected their sex life. Yes, a lot of women also prefer men who have clean shaven chests. But, is it really healthy?


Maybe you do it for personal hygiene or maybe you just want to try out new things. But shaving your chest may actually have some benefits. Yes, believe it or not, a clean-shaven chest is not just a style statement but has quite a few health benefits too. Take a look.

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Prevents body odour

There are two sweat glands in your body, eccrine and apocrine. Eccrine glands are all over your body and produces sweat in order to keep your body cool. This leads to stench-causing bacteria getting attracted towards that particular sweat. Therefore, shaving can be a good option to keep the bad body odour away which gets locked in hair.

Protects against sun

Little drops of water and sweat get stuck to your body hair which magnifies UV light from the sun. The sweat and water tend to intensify the sun's rays and hence it is more likely that your skin will get burnt. Not just that, thick body hair also makes it hard for you to apply a tight layer of sun protection on your body against the sun. Therefore, if you have a lot of hair on your chest, you will probably need a lot of sunscreen. But still the protection won't be proper. Therefore, shave off those locks as a clean shaven chest may help protect you from the harmful sun rays.

May help against ticks

Ticks are little worms which nest in hairy regions of the body. The more hair you have, more prone you may be to catch ticks on your body. However, if you shave your chest it makes it considerably hard for them to have a grip on your body.

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