5 uses of the rat-tail comb you didn't know

Haven't you wondered what this rat-tail comb is used for and how its design can benefit your hair?

There would have been times when you picked up the rat-tail comb and found yourself rather amused and fascinated by it. This variety of comb is sleek, with a handle that is tail-like and pointy at the tip. These are commonly found in salons and as part of a professional hairstylists kit. Such combs usually have handles in plastic or metal. Simply put, this petite tool is crucial in hairstyling and its structure makes a difference to your style and hair texture, within minutes. Here is how the rat-tail comb can contribute to various hairstyling procedures.

Hair styling

The more complicated the hairstyle, the finer your hairstyling tool should be and the rat-tail comb is just that. Where parting the hair into various sections is needed for a particular hairstyle, the rat-tail comb does this with great precision. Its fine-toothed structure works on particular sections well enough. Hair styling with heated tools like the blow dryer and flat iron or even the curling tong can be made much easier using this comb. Here is how you can use the paddle brush for straight hair.

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Parting hair

If you are particular about the parting of your hair and want a straight deep sided parting or even a quirky zigzag one, the rat-tail, when used with its handle, does the required job. You can easily pull back or pull out your hair minutely with the comb s unique feature.

Back combing or teasing hair

Another common technique carried out by this tool is the trending back-comb or hair teasing, used for most styles today. For this technique, much concentration is required, section-by-section, to create volume around the crown-portion. The fine-toothed feature comes in handy to tease the hair towards the scalp for a fuller look.

Hair colouring

If you would have noticed, your hair stylist uses the tail-point of this comb to section out hair during a global (full hair) or highlighting hair colour procedure. This comb acts like a needle and separates hair very finely for the colour coating to be done. Hence, using the comb for this purpose demands immense skill. Here is what you need to know about hair colouring.

Post styling

As a quick trick to get rid of that rough hairspray texture and a number of bobby pins after an elaborate hair-do, just use the rat-tail part of this comb to pull out the hair accessories. This saves your nails from breaking while removing tight pins and clips. Run the comb gently through the hair-sprayed portion to get rid of any residue, until you wash it out.

Still wondering how to get started with this this magical tool? Watch this video!

Image and video source: Megalizabeth/YouTube

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