4 types of facial massages you must try!

Try these facial massage treatments and say hello to clear, glowing skin.

A shoulder or back massage sure felt great but did you try a facial massage? It can leave you feeling all the more refreshed. Not only will a facial massage improve the circulation on your skin but it will also help release the tension from your facial muscles and help you relax. Here are 7 types of Ayurvedic massages you should know about.

If all these reasons did not convince you enough, know that a facial massage can also be an excellent way to improve the texture of your skin. So try out these different types of facial massages that can leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed, as advised by dermatologist Dr. Kiran Lohia.

Reflexology: In reflexology, they press specific points on your face to stimulate other corresponding areas of your body. By working on the pressure points on your face, a facial reflexology can boost your energy and improve your circulatory and nervous systems.

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Shiatsu: Shiatsu is a Japanese pressure point massage where a finger-press technique is used to relieve muscle tension, anxiety and stress. It is not only limited to your face, but you can give the rest of your body the much-needed TLC with Shiatsu.

Remedial: If your skin is dull and lifeless, you can get a more radiant skin tone with the remedial facial massage. The exfoliants used in the remedial massage help remove the dead skin cells. It also helps repair and settle sensitive skin.

Lymphatic: A lymphatic massage can help relieve puffiness and fluid retention while increasing the circulation of blood. It can also help remove the toxins and keep your skin cells healthy. The gentle caressing on the face muscles will also release any stress awakening a more vibrant you.

So, the next time you feel tired or want your face to look less puffy, you can try one of these facial massage treatments. Here's a step-by-step guide to get a spa-like facial at home.

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