Treat your feet to a rose petal pedicure

Pamper your tired feet this monsoon with a rose petal pedicure.

Your feet require high maintenance during monsoons because smelly feet and fungal infections are very common in this season. Now you can obviously do a pedicure at home but how about experiencing something unique. Give your feet a relaxing rose petal pedicure to get rid of smelly feet and infections and to feel like a royal! Pooja Goel, makeup artist and owner of Khoobsurat Salon and Spa, New Delhi tells you why you must try the rose petal pedicure.

Rose petal pedicure procedure

Not many of us have walked on a trail of fresh rose petals. We are sure it must be a royal experience! That s how the rose petal pedicure begins. You are guided through this rose trail to your pedicure station to soak in a mineral bath comprising rose petals and champagne scents. This is followed by exfoliation and gentle scrubbing with a rose petal scrub. The calluses are removed, cuticles trimmed, nails cleaned and prepped. After the usual cleaning and pedicure, comes an additional step. In this, the moisture and suppleness of your feet and legs is sealed with the application of a rose petal velvety cr me mask. The finale is a heavenly foot and leg massage.

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Rose petals have antibacterial properties and work as natural skin toners. They soften and moisten dry skin and provide a relaxing effect, ideal for tired feet. The fragrance of rose petals is effective in inducing sleep and hence will calm you completely.

This 45-minute experience may cost you around Rs750 but is totally worth the experience. Make sure you treat your feet to this royal experience once in two months. Did you know there is an ice-cream pedicure and a cocktail pedicure too?

Let us know if you have tried any of these or other offbeat pedicures in our comments section.

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