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Treat hair fall with a hot oil massage and steam therapy!

Wondering how to take care of your hair this winter? This simple trick might help!

Written by Bhavyajyoti Chilukoti |Updated : April 29, 2019 1:15 PM IST

Hair fall is quite common, and when coupled with the high humidity and chilly atmosphere of winter, it gets even worse. So rather than worrying about the cause of the hair fall or trying every other product available in the market that promises to fix your hair issues, go the natural way. Rahul Agarwal, CEO, Organic Harvest, shares a simple trick that can help you fight hair fall along with aiding in the treatment of dandruff.

Hot oil massage and steam

Why buy expensive hair products to prevent hair damage during winters? Instead, a quick hot oil massage might work wonders to help your hair regain the strength and shine. All you need to do is gently massage your scalp with hot coconut or almond oil. Don't know how to oil your hair? Here are tips to oil hair the right way by Jawed Habib. Hot oil massage not only nourishes your hair from its roots but also protects your scalp against air pollutants by forming a protective layer. Also, massaging your scalp improves blood circulation, thereby aiding hair growth. If you have been suffering from an itchy scalp or dandruff, then mix camphor in oil and apply it on your scalp. Here are 5 herbal oils to fight hair fall.

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Don t forget to steam your hair as it helps in restoring the moisture of your hair. When you steam your hair, it causes the hair follicles to open up, which increases the absorption of nutrients present in the oil. It also helps in hair growth, reduces hair fall and improves the shine and texture of your hair naturally. You may also like to read about hair fall treatment at home 7 remedies that work!

Treat your hair with a hot oil massage and steam once or twice a week to prevent hair fall.

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