Top 10 beauty myths debunked

Top 10 beauty myths debunked
When it comes to beauty tips, some advice defies logical explanation. © Shutterstock

Do you constantly get beauty advice from your acquaintances? Read this before believing it.

Written by Juhi Kumari |Published : July 23, 2019 5:40 PM IST

Ladies, most of you out there must have heard various beauty advices from your relatives or acquaintances, or even people in the parlour. Also, some of you may have the habit of consulting Google for any suggestion associated whatsoever. Well, we are bombarded with information on a daily basis, especially, at this point and time when everything is just a click away. So, naturally, there is no dearth of data associated with beauty. But you must know and understand that everything that you read or hear is not true. Some of them are miles away from the actual fact. So, you must look for authentic information source to keep myths from facts. Here, we make this a bit easier for you and debunk top 10 beauty myths.

Myth 1: Shaving or waxing will make your body hair grow back thicker.

Fact: Well, this is not true for sure. Shaving or waxing doesn't and cannot change the thickness, rate of growth, or colour of your hair. Doing this just gives your hair a short tip, that may feel stubbly, making it seem thicker than it really is. During this phase, your hair may be more noticeable and appear thicker or darker but in reality, they are not.

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Myth 2: Plucking a gray hair can increase its number.

Fact: You should know that hair follicles are individual entities. This means that anything done to one follicle doesn't affect the other. Also, plucking a gray hair doesn't mean that it won't grow back. This is because greying occurs at the follicular level. This means that the silver hair that grows back will be exactly as white in appearance as its predecessor.

Myth 3: You should cut your cuticles so that the growing nails remain healthy.

Fact: Never do that. Cuticles acts a barrier between your nail beds and the outer environment. Cutting your cuticles can in fact invite all the gross bacteria and fungus inside your body. This may result to a nail infection, which is obviously not good news. Additionally, once you clip your cuticles, you will need to do it again and again. This is because cutting this live skin damages and affects the way it grows back. So, the cuticles tend to grow back torn.

Myth 4: Pimples develop overnight.

Fact: No, this can't happen. Pimples are a result of accumulated sebum and blockage caused by them. It takes at least 1 week for a pimple to form and become visible. So, the next time you see a morning zit on your face, it is due to the infection caused in the accumulated sebum. Just imagine, if this is an overnight process then how is it possible that even after going to bed after clearing your face, you develop a zit the next day? If you want to minimize the episode of these pimples, just make sure you clean your face nicely on a daily basis at least twice a day.

Myth 5: Laser hair removal gives you permanent results.

Fact: Laser hair removal technique helps you get rid of only 80 per cent of hair. This is because hair grows in cycles. Hair, that were dormant during the session may become active and grow later. This means that laser can't destroy every hair at every session. Also, repeated treatments can help you reduce the hair density but won't let you get rid of the entire hair. But the hair that grows back after treatment will be less dense a lot finer than before.

Myth 6: Sun exposure can help you reduce acne.

Fact: After exposing yourself to the sun, you may find your skin look fair and better. This is due to the masking effects of sun. However, long UV exposure will lead to an increase in production of oil sebum and will leave you with dark pigmentation marks.

Myth 7: Shedding those extra kilos can help you lose cellulite.

Fact: Cellulite has more to do with your predisposed genetics, hormonal patterns and aging than fats. Cellulite occurs when connective tissue, elastin fibers, and collagen in the skin start to break down and fat cells push them into the middle layer of the skin. This makes them visible through the surface. So, shedding some weight may smooth some of your dimples, but it won't eradicate the entire cellulite altogether.

Myth 8: Facial exercises will help you look younger.

Fact: Well, weight or resistance exercises may help you tone up the muscles. But that cannot happen on your face. Facial exercises won't be able to tighten up and fill in the fine lines and wrinkles. In fact, repetitive facial muscle motion like frowning, laughing and smiling can actually bring more visible fine lines on your face.

Myth 9: Wearing makeup every day can cause pimples.

Fact: Wearing makeup is not bad for your skin. It won't lead to irritating zits. But not washing it nicely every day will do that for sure. The real culprit of skin damage is not applying makeup but leaving it overnight. So, every time you go for the makeup, make sure you clean your face nicely.

Myth 10: Using the same shampoo for long makes it familiar with your hair and interferes with its performance.

Fact: No, this is not true. If your hair is dry or damaged after continued use of one specific shampoo, you should not blame the shampoo. The problem may be the product build up from hairsprays, serums, oils and more. So, the next time it happens, use a clarifying shampoo once per week and continue using your regularly scheduled shampoo.