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Tips to make the most of your chemically treated hair

Blunt bangs: Go for blunt bangs for thick and straight or wavy hair. They flatter any hair length. However, only consider getting them if your face isn’t round. Blunt bangs can make your face look rounder.

If you are dwelling somewhere between the curly hair at the tips and sleek hair at the ends, these tips will make your hair look less unruly.

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Updated : November 8, 2017 10:33 AM IST

Whatever method you choose to permanently straighten or relax you know that they all work by breaking the disulphide bonds in your curls to smoothen them make them straight. The straighteners may be permanent but the new growth on your hair can disrupt the sleekness. But since the full growth of hair takes time, you dwell somewhere between the unruly hair at the tips and sleek hair at the ends. If you have ever straightened your hair chemically, you will understand the struggles but beauty expert Janet Fernandez tells how you can make peace with it.

Trim the flat bottom

A little wave towards the roots is in trend, so if your chemically straighten hair is giving you one, you are in luck. But the one thing which you can do is get frequent trims and ask your stylist to texturize your ends so that the difference between the curly top and straight bottom is not visible. Think about these side effects before you choose hair straightening.

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Tailor your haircut

You can opt for a haircut that will seamlessly hide the new curls. For example, if you have flat waves, you can try going for a lob. If you have a tighter coil, you can try going for the short afro style.

Deep condition your hair

As your new hair grows, do not forget to give some TLC to your weak chemically straightened hairs. Deep condition the strands every time you shampoo your hair. A good quality hair conditioner adds essential nutrients to your hair and repairs the hair follicles. Switch to a mild shampoo and conditioner. You can opt for sulphate-free shampoos as they cure the damage and reduce hair fall to a great extent. Use these 5 home-made packs to straighten your hair naturally without chemicals.

Give some hot oil massage to your hair

Hot oil treatments help the hair and scalp regain its lost moisture. Give your head a hot oil massage and cover it with a hot damp towel once a week for better results. Avoid drying your hair by rubbing it with the towel. Use a soft towel to wrap your hair and dry it.

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