Tips to clean and maintain your eyelash curler

Keep it clean to prevent eye infections.

Eye infections are teriible to deal with. One of the common reasons for eye infections is your eye makeup. Not using the right product or expired products, improper maintenance of your eye brushes and makeup tools can all cause some kind of infection. If you use the eyelash curler often, you need to ensure that it is cleaned each time and maintained properly to keep it bacteria free. Cleaning eyelash curlers is also important to avoid the previous eye shadow and eyeliner from depositing on your eyelid when you use. Here s how you can do that:

Cleaning the eyelash curler

Alcohol works best as it doesn t lead to rusting of the metal too. On a clean cotton swab, spray some vodka or gin or wet the cotton ball with it for cleaning your curler. You can use ethanol too. Rub the alcohol on the curler, front and back to thoroughly clean it. If you are running out of swabs or cotton balls, you can use ear cleaning buds too. Wash off the alcohol with cold water and immediately dry the curler with a towel or paper napkins. Here s how eye makeup can harm you.

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Makeup wipes work perfectly for getting rid of the mascara or any grime from your eyelash curler too. For regular cleaning after each use, you can wipe off the metal with makeup wipes. Here are some tips on choosing the right eyelash curler.

For thorough cleaning and disinfecting, you can use a blow dryer on the highest speed. Remove the cushion pad and heat the curler with your blow dryer for at least a minute. The heat will kill any bacteria or germs on it and also loosen up the mascara or eye makeup that sticks to it. Once the metal is cool, use a tissue paper to wipe it off clean.

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