Tips to beat body odour

body odourSweltering heat, sweat and body odour are synonymous with the summer season and so is the usage of deodorants and body sprays. But are you paying attention to what you are spraying on your body? Is your deodorant harmful? Our expert Dr Kiran Lohia, MD answers a few questions about beating body odour and selecting the right products.

The first question that comes to mind is why do we have body odour? The primary reason is the presence of bacteria in our sweat. It releases a smelly vapour that causes body odour. While it is important for us to perspire so that the body can cool down naturally, it is also vital to get rid of the bacteria and avoid the unpleasant odour. Bathing every day, wearing clean, fresh clothes, and keeping areas which have more sweat-producing glands dry armpits, feet, and groin are some methods to combat it. Men sweat more than women hence it is important that they pay attention to their hygiene, especially during summer.

Deodorants too help in eliminating body odour as they have active ingredients in them that mask the smell. But how should you pick one from hundreds of brands available in the market? Dr Lohia advises people to buy hypoallergenic deodorants as the ingredients of these have been examined by a dermatologist and are proven to be safe for use. All the different kind of deodorants - body sprays, roll on sticks or liquid splashes are equally effective so you needn't bother about choosing one over the other. One important point to note is that deodorants are meant to be sprayed on the body or skin and not on clothes. This is because they can discolour them and their effect is reduced.

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Another question that people usually have is are perfumes and colognes better than body sprays to beat body odour? Dr Kiran explains that deodorants serve a different purpose from perfumes. They prevent sweat secretion so that the bacteria do not act on it and produce body odour. They also have specific fragrances that are designed particularly to beat the pungent odour. Perfumes and colognes on the other hand are just for adding fragrance to your body which lasts longer but does not eliminate the odour-causing bacteria. But to get completely rid of the odour and smell good, use a deodorant as well as a perfume or cologne.

So this summer, don't let body odour bog you down and use a deodorant that does not cause any harm to your skin.

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