6 thoughts every woman has when she gets waxed

'Is this waxing session ever going to end??'

Getting yourself waxed is like eating spinach. You do not always like it, but the results are amazing. While you cringe in the salon, thinking that there is nothing remotely enjoyable a lot of other things cross your mind. Can you relate to these?

1. You convince yourself that the first few times she pulls the hair out is going to be painful and that you are going to be immune to it after some time. You may think that you can even listen to some music or take a phone call. However, in the end, you realise that each trip is just as painful as the last.

2. And sometimes when you go pretty long between your waxing schedules because it was winter or you did not have the budget, you feel like you are the hairiest person on earth. You just feel too awkward even to open your pants and lay out your legs for a wax. And if there is somebody else in the room apart from the professional, you know that you just won t do it. Here are a few tips to soothe irritated skin after waxing. Read this before you try any facial hair removal technique.

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3. And then lying on your back with your knees apart is not so comfortable as well. While it could be a romantic one when you are with your partner, but just the thought that you will have that molten lava in your body makes you feel horrible.

4. You think that since you are paying a bomb, no hair should be spared especially when you are doing chocolate wax. You think you should just carry a microscope the next time to the salon to ensure that there is no ounce of hair left on your body and your skin feels nothing less than velvet.

5. Even though waxing takes just 20 minutes, you feel that it is the longest beauty ritual of all time. It is like that never-ending, long, journey you wish just ends.

6. And if you have done a bikini wax and see a bright red skin in the sensitive area down there, the only thing you wonder is why you ever made the decision. You think you could have done without getting the bushes removed. Here are a few tips to soothe irritated skin after waxing.

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