This natural remedy will reduce your dark circles overnight

Try this remedy to lighten dark circles and reduce puffiness under your eyes.

If you have been sleeping late and using a concealer to hide those under eye shadows, using a cold milk compress can be a quick fix to those unsightly blemishes. Cold make can keep you healthy and beautiful in many other ways.

How does it work?

Cold milk will not only lighten your under eye shadows but will also treat the fine lines and puffiness. The cold compress will reduce puffiness by shrinking the blood vessels, having a very soothing effect on your eyes. Milk contains protein and other enzymes that will strengthen, heal and nourish the damaged under eye skin. It also contains lactic acid that will soften and moisturise the area under your eyes[1].

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How to use?

All you need to do is, dab a cotton ball in a bowl of cold milk and place it all over your eyes. Allow it to settle for 5-10 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. Alternatively, you can also massage the area around your eye with cold milk using your ring finger. Follow this remedy before going to bed for a fresh new look in the morning. Click here for more such treatments and remedies for dark circles.

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[1] John Davidson. Grandma's Ancient Beauty Remedies From Her Kitchen, Series-43, 2013, 5 Page

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