7 things your cosmetic surgeon wants you to know

Cosmetic surgeon Dr Aamod Rao lists down seven important things you should know before you undergo a cosmetic procedure.

Gone are the days when cosmetic surgery was the thing of fancy a privilege meant only for the rich and the famous. These days, getting a cosmetic surgery done has become relatively easier. Getting a stubby nose fixed or an imperfect chin corrected is no longer the prerogative of the affluent. However, there also exists a flipside to this situation. Some people make uninformed choices and jump blindly into the nip-and-tuck bandwagon without weighing all the pros and cons. Mumbai-based cosmetic surgeon Dr Aamod Rao underlines the seven most important things that surgeons want people to know about cosmetic surgery.

Realistic expectations are a must: Be practical in your expectations. Although cosmetic surgeons are capable of transforming serious cosmetic imperfections, that doesn t make them magicians. Be realistic about what you demand from your surgeon, says Dr Rao.

Plan ahead of time: If you have a wedding coming up in a week, don't wait until the 11th hour to knock on your cosmetic surgeon s door. Sometimes surgeries take a lot of time to heal. So it is important to ensure you have enough time on your hand, states the doctor.

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There could be complications: It is foolish to expect that cosmetic surgeries may not involve any complications. It is like any other surgery, says Dr Rao. One should follow all the protocols such as postoperative care to avoid infections and other risks associated with the surgery.

Results may take time: Don t get impatient if the surgery doesn t yield instant results. As mentioned earlier, cosmetic surgeons are not magicians who can make imperfections disappear in a jiffy. The human body takes its own time to adapt to the changes made by the surgeon.

Healthy lifestyle is a prerequisite: Dr Rao emphasises the importance of following a healthy lifestyle after cosmetic fixes such as fat reduction and liposuction. Cosmetic surgery is not an alternative to a healthy lifestyle, he stresses. Following proper diet and exercise regimens is mandatory if you want the effects of the procedure to last.

Not more than two procedures at a time: It's easy to get carried away and want a whole lot of changes done to your body. "There are people who go in for multiple surgeries, but it s not wise to go for more than two procedures at a time, warns Dr Rao.

Communicate clearly: Cosmetic surgeons are truly skilled at what they do; however, their set of skills doesn't involve reading the patient's mind. There is no point in being upset at your surgeon if you hadn t communicated clearly about your requirements in the first place. Be very clear about what you expect from the procedure well in advance.

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