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Crazy things Indians say to women with offbeat hair colour

'Why did you chose this colour and not some 'normal' colour?'

Written by Shaloo Tiwari |Published : January 25, 2018 7:43 PM IST

If you have ever had some colours other than the normal brown, golden or bronze you'll relate to everything I am about to say. Offbeat hair colours look awesome and make you look distinct from the rest. Grabbing eyeballs your hair becomes the centre of attraction in you. However, in India where so many people with different ideas of beauty and fashion live together in harmony, you with an offbeat hair colour can be a fodder for them to troll you or shower their inquisitiveness on. Here are a few things that girls with a different hair colour have to hear in India.

1. Why did you chose this colour and not some 'normal' colour?- because I didn't want a normal colour on my hair. Simple.

2. These colours are more damaging, right?- NO chemicals aren't used in hair dyes based on the colour.

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3. You did this because you wanted attention right?- I didn't and I don't think I don't even need to make an effort till people like you exist.

4. Oh god! Fashion these days has made people mad- Choosing a different hair colour doesn't make you mad. Bitching does.

5. Doesn't the colour keep bleeding when you wash?- It only happens when there is soapy water on it. Once it is washed off it doesn't bleed.

6. It must have cost you a bomb, you spending so much for just a hair colour?- Offbeat colours aren't much costlier than the rest of the colours. So if you can do a brown you can do any other colour like blue, pink, purple...

7. It only goes well with particular colours of clothes- If you can team your clothes well and know how to colour your hair so that it doesn't look like too much of a distraction, your hair can suit any attire.

8. Such off-beat colours don't go well with Indian attires!- A big NO! It goes well with both traditional and western outfits. All you have to do is to know how to carry yourself.

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