Things only girls with frizzy hair will understand

Monsoon = even crazier frizzy hair. Here are the troubles I go through every day because of my frizzier hair.

When people comment positively on my hair, like when they say 'It looks good' or 'It isn't flying all over the place', I am over the moon. I have frizzy hair, and long ago in life, I made peace with all the baby hair that keeps flying, as if trying to escape my scalp. I heavily rely on anti-frizz products, which don't really help, and I have more hair straighteners than a supermarket stocks. And I know I am not alone, I have friends, sisters, united by the pain that is our frizzy hair. And if you are one of them, you'll definitely identify with what I go through everyday!

  1. My hair looks like a lion's mane on the day I wash it.
  2. Third day after I wash, it kinda settles down, but then it is again time to wash it!
  3. Spend 45 minutes on styling your hair to make it look anything groomed, 5 minutes outside and it's like a rat's nest.
  4. You will always find a hair tie on my wrist, just in case
  5. That is apart from the hair tie I already have in my hair.
  6. The day my hair behaves and looks settled, you can actually fish out at least 15 bobby pins from my hair.
  7. When hair styling, hair spray is my bae.
  8. I am the one who always runs out of conditioner way before my shampoo.
  9. I have tried various products on my hair. All of them make my hair lifeless.
  10. Every morning in monsoon, I debate with myself whether I should bother washing my hair.
  11. The almost permanent bun on my head is called 'I have frizzy hair'.
  12. My hair can go from straight, to wavy to lopsided, depending on how I tie it.
  13. Broad hairbands were made for me.
  14. Bangs look adorable after a haircut. One wash and it all curls up to make the funniest fringe.
  15. Young Hermoine looks like my alter ego.

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