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These tricks will make your nose appear thinner without surgery

Here are three tricks to help you get a slimmer nose.

Written by Shaloo Tiwari |Updated : October 29, 2017 1:57 AM IST

Nose plays a very important part in shaping your face and makes your makeup look complete. However, if you feel that you have a really big nose and want it to appear thinner, just a little bit of makeup will give you amazing results and you'll not even have to think of surgeries. I have a thick nose and the right makeup has really helped me a lot. In fact, the results will also give a whole new look to your face. Here 3 tricks to make your nose appear slimmer:

Contour your nose: This works the best. Like how you can contour your face to shape it in a certain way, you can contour your nose too. It is really easy with these steps:

1.Apply foundation to your whole face and your nose.

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2. Take a highlighter and draw a line the on the bridge of your nose till the tip and blend well.

3. Now take a dark contour pencil and make lines on the sides of your nose till the tip and blend that too.

4. Now blend everything together in a way that the sides of the nose seem darker and your bridge seems highlighted.

Use highlighter and bronzer: Contouring the rest of your face too will help take the attention away from the nose. And applying a good bronzer and highlighter on your cheeks takes away the attention from the thickness of the nose.

Go for bright lips: Go for louder colours for your lip to take away attention from the thickness of your nose and if you have contoured your nose already, using a bright lipstick after that really helps.

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