The right way to clip toenails to prevent ingrown toenail

The right way to clip toenails to prevent ingrown toenail

Hint-- Never cut your toenail too short.

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Published : November 1, 2017 12:27 PM IST

Are your toenails growing out of control? Chances are that you are not getting enough time to take out the clippers, and when you do you cut your nails anyhow. But you might be setting yourself up for a bunch of issues if you are not cutting your toenails the right way. Here s everything you need to know about clipping your toenails from beauty expert Suneeta Thapa from L Oreal, India.

How often should you cut your toenails?

Your toenails do not grow as fast as fingernails so you may not have to clip them as frequently. Just once a month should be enough. However, you need to clip your toenail more often if you run as the pressure of a longer nail in a sneaker can result in bleeding beneath the nail ultimately causing the nail to fall off.

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How should you cut your toenails?

You may have heard that you should never cut your nails after a shower but things can be a little different with your toenail. If your nails are too thick, it can be easier to cut them by soaking them in warm water or after a steamy shower. But, you must do it before shower if your toenails are of normal thickness. When the nails are soft, they tend to cut or tear.

When it comes to clipping, the most basic rule is to clip them straight across. You can then trim the other side of the nail with a secondary cut. Cutting toenails straight off is also one of the best ways to prevent ingrown nails. If you start to cut down the side you run the risk of inciting a toenail.

How short should you cut your toenails?

You should never cut your toenails too short as you run the risk of getting an ingrown toenail. Just shoot for about 1 to 2 mm at the end of the nail. However, when it comes to your cuticles leave them alone as they act as a barrier against infection getting to your skin. Use garlic for relief from toenail fungus.

What are the best tools to cut your toenails?

At any given time, you should have two sets of nail clippers one for your hand and one for your feet. Toenail clippers are larger both in thickness and width which allow you to make smoother cuts. Also, having two separate sets of nail clippers can prevent the transmission of fungus and bacteria from your fingernails and vice versa. Also, remember to clean your clippers after use by soaking them in antibacterial soap with warm water and then drying them later so that they do not become rusty. Here are top 10 reasons for brittle and deformed nails.

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