The best hair oils in India for hair growth, dandruff, hair fall control and dry hair, according to our readers

If you're looking for a good hair oil, read what these Indian women have to say about their most favourite hair oil brands for getting rid of dryness, hair loss, frizz & dandruff.

Oiling the hair and massaging the scalp is one of the most relaxing, most weekend-y things that Indians do. It s one beauty ritual that s almost mandatory in most Indian households. The benefits of oiling hair cannot be ruled out oil acts as a sealant to trap moisture inside and to protect the hair from sun, dust, pollution and free radicals, it increases blood circulation, it soothes tense muscles, it protects from bacterial and fungal infections all of which makes the hair healthier, stronger and more beautiful.

Do you know how to do an oil massage properly? Which oil to use for your hair? Or how much oil you should use for your hair? With winter coming, all of us need that extra bit of moisturizing not just our skin but also hair. We asked a few readers to name their most favourite Indian hair oil and this is what they had to say.

We have always used Parachute coconut hair oil in our home. I love the fact that it conditions my dry, frizzy hair. I use it I once a week and then shampoo. I love it s smell of fresh coconuts too. Sadhana Tiwari

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It s hands down Parachute coconut hair oil for me. I have been using it since I was born! I have long, strong hair and I think owe it to this hair oil. I haven t felt the need to use any other oil. Shrishti Sathe

I have tried out may hair oils coconut oil, amla oil, olive oil but the one that really worked for me and changed my hair texture completely is Moroccanoil s Moroccan Argan Hair Oil Treatment. I had read such fantastic reviews about it but had refrained from trying it because it s so expensive. But trusts me, it s totally worth it. With regular use, there is less frizz and dryness. I m very satisfied! Akanksha Deshpande

I have fine, thin hair that tends to get oily very easily. I would skip oiling my hair because I thought that would make my hair oilier. But when I started suffering from hair fall and dandruff frequently, I decided to try Bajaj Almond Drops hair oilbased on the recommendation of a gorgeous-haired friend. Within a month of regular use, I felt like my hair fall had reduced and that my hair was stronger and thicker. Bajaj almond drops hair oil is very light and works incredibly well for my oily hair. Sukriti Agarwal

I love mixing different hair oils. So usually I mix two hair oils, warm them in the microwave and massage it into my hair. I shampoo it next day. I use Dabur Amla Hair oil throughout the year and I m happy with the results. After every use, my hair becomes shinier and healthier-looking. My dad has been using Dabur Amla hair oil for years and he has black hair even at the age of 55. So I m going to continue using it. Shraddha Kurtude

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