Summer DIY: Here's how you can make roll-on deodorant at home

Winters are over. Time for bright sunny days. In India, the temperature gets soaring, leaving you with humidity and sweat. Temperature these days are only rising, especially in cities like Mumbai it is even crossing 40 degrees sometimes. A rise in temperature tends to make you sweaty and gives bad body odour. Body roll on deodorants come in really handy during summers. While there are many available in the market, you can even make it on your own. Store-bought deodorants are usually synthetic and full of chemicals. And when we apply roll-on, our skin tends to absorb the chemicals. Read the hidden dangers of using deodorants and antiperspirants! Making a sweet-smelling roll-on at home is really easy to make and while you are making it, you know what exactly goes into it so there is no scope of chemicals or adulteration.

Here's how you can easily make it at home:

You'll need:

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  • Baking soda
  • Glycerin
  • Cornstarch
  • Lavender essential oil or any other essential oil as per your liking
  • Empty roll-on deodorant container
  • Natural aloe vera gel (slit the aloe vera plant and scrape out the natural gel in it.)


  • Put 150 ml distilled water in a saucepan and heat it.

    When it begins to heat add baking soda to it.

  • In another bowl mix 2 tsp of cornstarch in some water and slowly add it to the baking soda, distilled water mix. Keep stirring.
  • Let it boil and in 3 minutes bring it down and let it cool.
  • Once the mixture is cool add 10 drops of your favourite essential oil, 1/2 tsp glycerin and 1 tsp aloe vera gel and mix well.
  • Pour it into a roll-on container and use it.

Note: Do not freeze, however, you can keep it in your cosmetic refrigerator.

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