Style your ponytail the Natalie Portman way

The actress sported a chic ponytail at the premiere of Thor: The Dark World. Get the same look with these tips.

Did you like actress Natalie Portman's stylish hairstyle that she sported at the premiere of Thor 2? Here are tips to make a similar style and pull it off in a classy way.

The actress was styled by celebrity hairstylist and Pantene Pro-V Global ambassador Danilo. 'Natalie needed a simple, but contemporary and elegant hairstyle to really set off the dress. This is a no tricks look - sleek and effortless glamour,' quoted Danilo as saying. (Read: Tips to tackle a bad hair day)

Here are the tips to follow:

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A healthy base is vital for this look. So ensuring your hair is in good condition is essential with a good haircare regime.

On the day, start with freshly washed hair or dampen hair with the Pantene Pro V Instant Nourishing Spray, misting through the hair in four sections - back, top and sides.

For added nourishment, apply a light application of Pantene Pro-V Deep Moisture Souffle.

If you tend to have frizz or split ends, apply an additional serum like the Expert Collection Keratin Repair Split End Fuser to the ends to help prevent frizz and give hair that sleek finish.

To add texture to the pony, also apply a volumiser. This will act as a setting lotion to reinforce the bountiful shape.

Blow dry the hair smooth using a mixed bristle paddle brush.

Then, go over the hair with straighteners for a really smooth finish.

Brush hair into desired position - Natalie's is positioned mid-way to still allow some height.

Then, secure with a hooked elastic or hair-tie.

Splitting hair into four or five sections, spray the hair with hairspray and wrap around large tongs and pin to cool.

Once cooled, un-pin the hair and taking a very small section, wrap this around the base of the pony to cover the hair tie, pin in place and spray with hairspray to secure whilst adding shine.

Spray the hair with hairspray and brush out the remaining ponytail. Finish and set the hair with a final spritz of hairspray. (Read: Chitrangada's haircare secrets)

Thor: The Dark World releases in India on November 8.

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