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Strange ways of growing your hair faster

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If you are struggling with acute hair fall and are wondering about ways of enhancing hair growth, here is a treasure for you. These hacks may be strange but will help you immensely in making your hair grow real fast.

Written by Sreemoyee Chatterjee |Updated : April 29, 2019 1:13 PM IST

Patterns of fallen hairs all over my white floor often make me feel like dying. Hair loss or hair fall can be heart breaking as it can be a blow to your self-esteem. Standing in front of a mirror to a receding hairline or bald spots here and there or bunch of hair getting stuck to the comb every time you brush are painful. You may, at some point or the other, have tried a couple of natural remedies to stimulate hair growth. Applying egg yolk and curd, amla and aloe vera are common methods of enhancing hair growth. But did you know about these weird hacks that can help in stimulating the growth of hair. Find some of them out here.

Use silk pillow covers instead of cotton ones: Have you ever thought your bed sheet or pillow covers could have a link to strong hair growth? If not, here is something you definitely need to learn. Studies show that cotton is pretty harsh for your hair and easily breaks hair strands. In case if you have been noticing more hair strands on your bed sheet, you are probably using a cotton sheet. Silk is gentler than cotton and is more soothing for your hair. When you use a silk pillow cover, you may see a smaller number of hair strands on your bed sheet.

Hang upside down: Sounds totally crazy? Well, but there are people who follow this rule to save their precious hair. More popularly known as inversion method, hanging upside down is believed to enhance hair growth, say experts. Reason, when you lie upside down, your blood flow to scalp increases. Blood is rich in nutrients and nourish your scalp that helps your hair to grow faster.

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Spread peanut butter on your scalp and hair: Peanut butter tastes yummy with bread but if you treat your scalp and hair with peanut, there is all possible chance that your hair growth will be faster. Rich in alpha-tocopherol, a type of vitamin E that improves your hair follicles, peanut butter can effectively speed up your hair growth.

Use a shower cap while sleeping: In case if you have thought a shower cap can help you only during a shower, you are widely mistaken. A shower cap can help your hair grow faster while you do not have to do almost anything. Wear the cap and hit your bed at night. Scientists say that when you wear the shower cap overnight, your scalp produces sebum or oil in double quantity and an increase in sebum oil production enhances hair growth.

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