Stay away from fungal skin infections this monsoon

Here are some tips that can help you stay away from fungal infection this monsoon.

monsoonshowersRain showers keep unbearable heat at bay, but they can also lead to skin problems which make skin itchy. Medicines can make the itching go away, but you can start by wearing the right clothes.

Mumbai-based Abhay Talathi from Skin Space Clinic says fungal infection, insect bite or sting reaction and allergy are the most common causes of itchy skin. He also advises to take medication according to the cause.

'If one has fungal infection, then antifungal medicine (tablet and cream) can be used. Anti-allergy tablets or soothing lotion such as Caladryl can be used in case the cause of itching is allergy,' Talathi told IANS.

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The fungal infections are caused due to moisture, wearing wet denims for a long time and constant friction against skin. (Also read: Don't let the rains ruin your hair and skin!)

'There are two kinds of fungal infections - Ringworm infection which starts as a small portion and spreads in a ring form. It commonly occurs in the sole of the feet, armpits and behind the ears. Pityriasis versicolor shows as light coloured or black coloured patches on arms, chest or back,' he explained.

Talathi said that diabetic patients are more prone to such infections. But it's advisable that everyone takes precautions.

He suggests that people should wear dry clothes and after shower, one should make sure to dry themselves completely before wearing clothes. Also, powder can be used to avoid fungal infections, and wear full-sleeved clothes to protect body parts from insect bites or stings. In case of severe itching, it's best to seek medical advice.

Navin Taneja, director, National Skin Centre, says prickly heat rash is also common during rainy days.

'Prickly heat rash is a red pimply eruption which is very common in hot and humid weather. This kind of weather causes sweating, but clogging the skin pores does not allow the sweat to get out and as a result, prickly heat rash pops up,' said Taneja. (Also read: Monsoon skincare routine for all skin types)

He suggests simple remedies - wear loose cotton and linen clothing. To ease itching, you can also apply calamine lotion.

Taneja said that exposure to sun rays can also cause rashes and burns resulting in red, scaly and itchy skin.

'Instead of soap, use homemade cleanser that ensures deep pore cleansing to wash away all the impurities. Use toner made with green leaves or rose water in place of alcohol-based toner. Aloe vera is a beneficial curing agent for skin diseases caused by rain. It purifies the blood,' he said.

'Use sunscreen half an hour before going outdoors. Take shower every time after getting wet in rain,' he added. (Also read: Top Indian skin problems and how to treat them)

Source: IANS

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