Spa Review: Cocktail manicure and pedicure at Hair OK Please

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Pamper yourself with a strawberry martini flavoured manicure and pedicure!

A manicure and pedicure is a standard routine and I try to squeeze in some time to get these services once in a month at least. I also try the home pedicure once in a while when I am wearing stilettos. After all, well-groomed feet and hands are the marks of a proper personal hygiene and care. Just like most of you, I started with the basic pedicure that most beauticians offered, and then came the ones that used a scrub in the pedicure too to remove the dead skin, followed by bleach and pedicure. Remember to follow these manicure and pedicure do s and don ts.

I recently heard about cocktail manicure and pedicure and was super excited to find out what it was. Hair OK Please, a new hair and nail studio that has opened in Churchgate, Mumbai was offering this unique treatment. I booked an appointment with them and was all set for this regime. I felt like a traveler trying to explore a new place.

The studio is super impressive with beautiful dream catchers that you can t help but notice. The d cor is quirky and stylish yet minimalistic. It was spacious and very neat no overpowering aroma diffusers or anything. After a little chitchat with owner Pia Balwani about the cocktail spa, I realized that this is more like a luxury manicure pedicure where you go a notch up to make the client feel a little more pampered. The flavours available are Strawberry Martini and Pina Colada and I chose the former.

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My session started with the usual cutting, filing of nails and the soak. Now the products for this cocktail manicure pedicure come in a kit which consists of a foot soak, scrub, nail cream, massage cream and moisturiser that all leave you fragrant like a strawberry martini. So ladies, if your partner loves cocktails, he ll be happier to hold you in his arms after this session.

Back to the review

The foot soak is mildly fragrant and gives a light pink colour to the water. I was happy as I definitely didn t want to dip my feet in dark pink or red water. One of the girls started with my manicure and the other with pedicure as I relaxed on my couch. I loved the way both the girls patiently pampered my feet and hands with gentle pressure. I didn t even realize when they cleared the dirt from the sides of the nails or trimmed my cuticles (which is usually slightly painful).

The experience

The procedure followed was similar to your regular manicure and pedicure, but I was impressed with the dedication and interest of both the girls. The foot massage was relaxing and pedicure and manicure did continue for a good one1 hour. My feet and hands must be definitely thanking me for it. They suggested I try their gel-express nail colour which lasts for a good 14 days. I selected the shade. The gel-express nail paint can be dried only in the UV machine. The finish was perfect and I was happy with the final look. It is my first experience with gel paints and I really look forward to see if it is long-lasting. Wouldn t it be great when you are on a holiday? No chipping or hassle of carrying a remover and additional nail colour with you.

The final verdict

The cocktail manicure-pedicure at Hair OK Please costs Rs.2200 which may be slightly steep but they do have other packages too. This one falls into the luxurious pampering category and can be a good investment for special occasions and is a great gifting option too.

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