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Spa review: Abhyangam massage at Kairali Ayurveda, Retrofit Vadodara

The Abhyangam at Retrofit Vadodara left me rejuvenated and recharged. Have you tried this massage yet?

Written by Bhakti Paun Sharma |Updated : November 22, 2017 12:01 PM IST

The last time I got a massage was quite a few months back and it was one of the best Swedish massages I have ever experienced. Since I have started working out since a month, my body needed some relaxation. So this time I decided to opt for a traditional Indian Ayurvedic massage. I visited the Retrofit centre in Vadodara which also partners with Kairali Ayurveda and offers umpteen options for Ayurvedic massages.

The introduction

I decided to go for the Abhyangam which is a traditional head to toe signature massage from Kerala. Dr Pashmin Ansari, cosmetologist and in charge for Kairali Ayurveda and Ms Meeta, head and yoga expert at Retrofit, Vadodara discussed with me the benefits of different Ayurveda treatments and the fact that though they have several health benefits, these massages do not get their dues among Indians. I was served fresh lime water before the massage and was instructed to consume heavy meals if at all, two hours before the massage.

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The review

I was guided to the massage room and introduced to my masseur Anu who was trained for over 3 and half years at the Kairali head office before she joined the Vadodara branch. As compared to the few other Ayurveda therapy centres I have visited across the country, this room was done up as tastefully as any high-end spa therapy room would be. Loved the wood work and ambience and the lighting was just apt to get me relaxed.

The therapy started with a head massage followed by a neck massage. The oils are prepared in-house and didn t have very strong herbal fragrance. The warm oil used for the body massage had a calming effect. My therapist Anu made sure she altered the pressure as per my request. I opted for the massage in the evening and slept like a baby that night. It s just so calming and relaxing.

I was given a special scrub cum cleanser prepared from various lentils and a herbal shampoo for cleaning the oil post massage. The scrub worked wonders even though it was a coarse paste, it didn t leave my skin dry or itchy. The shampoo was non-fragrant and yet removed all the oil easily from my hair.

The benefits

This warm oil massage can be experienced daily too as it improves circulation to the nerve endings. The massage recharges you and rejuvenates your full body and mind. Abhyanga massage is also known to pacify your doshas especially the Vaat dosha and also improves skin texture. The excess oils used are absorbed by the body and assist in the lubrication of joints. Regular massage can lead to toning of muscles and increased stamina during the day. Read: 7 types of Ayurvedic massages you should know about.

The final word

I walked out of the therapy room feeling relaxed and rejuvenated with a cup of cardamom flavoured herbal tea in my hand. I sipped it while chatting with Dr Ansari to know more about the benefits of this massage. An excellent point she mentioned was that since in the case of women, stress hormones are concentrated in the hip area, women feel more relaxed after getting a good lower body massage.

I have already planned my next visit to Retrofit and the Kairali Ayurveda centre to try their other massages and will get an Abhyanga massage soon too. If you haven t tried it already, go ahead soon. The massage at Retrofit, Vadodara costs Rs1500 for a 90-minute session and is totally worth every penny.

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