Daily Beauty Tip: Sleep -- the secret to flawless skin and beautiful hair!

Now you know why sleep is also called 'beauty-sleep'.

Ever heard of the term beauty sleep ? This term was coined for a reason and stands true to its name. Because you can never underestimate the influence sleep has on the health of your skin and hair. I regard a good eight hours night time sleep as the best beauty treatment one can ever undergo to keep multiple skin and hair problems at bay, says Dr Apratim Goel, dermatologist and laser surgeon, Cutis Clinic, Mumbai. It is the one natural mechanism that helps your skin recharge, rejuvenate and undergo damage repair that happens during the day. Here are eight skin and hair care myths that you always believed.

Dr Goel explains why sleep is important for your skin and hair:

It helps in repairing skin damage

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Think about what all your skin has to endure through the day wrath of cosmetics and chemicals, harmful electronic rays, environmental pollution, ultraviolet rays and stress. Stress alone is your skin s biggest enemy. It increases cortisol levels that lead to hair loss and acne breakouts. It also makes one look dull and old. Sleep is an effective way to bring the cortisol levels down. When the cortisol levels are down, the body starts its own mechanism to repair the damage. Here are 13 reasons to take stress seriously.

It boosts blood circulation

One way sleep helps in the healing and repairing process is by improving blood circulation and functioning of the lymphatic system. Oxygen and nutrients reach every cell to help it nourish and replenish with antioxidants and minerals. Apart from skin and hair, improved blood circulation also helps in keeping the other vital organs safe. Here are 13 benefits of deep breathing that helps to improve circulation among others.

It prevents fluid retention under the eyes

Since the skin around the eyes is thin and loose, fluids tend to retain under the eyes and the result is puffy eyes, or eye bags as you call it. Proper sleep helps your body to get rid of puffy eyes as it restores the circulation and helps flush out toxins from every part of the body. Here is a home remedy to get rid of puffy eyes.

It prevents premature ageing of skin

Sleep can also help reduce occurrences of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging, as during sleep the body is working against gravity that helps slow down ageing of the skin.

Here is what you should do just before you go to bed

  • Take a lukewarm bath and then lather your body and face with moisturiser as it helps keep your body hydrated and traps the moisture.
  • Use night creams if you have to, that have ingredients like Vitamin C, hydroquinone, etc. as it is good for your skin, but is susceptible to sunlight. It is safe to apply it at night and reap the benefits. Also, skin metabolism at night increases and so the antioxidants and vitamins in your creams are absorbed better at night as compared to day time.

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