Soft, Silky Skin Will No More Be A Dream With These 3 Easy Hacks

Soft, Silky Skin Will No More Be A Dream With These 3 Easy Hacks
Soft, Silky Skin Will No More Be A Dream With These 3 Easy Hacks

Do you want your skin to be smooth and silky? Well, who doesn't? Considering this, we reached out to a dermatologist to suggest some simple ways to achieve beautiful skin.

Written by Arushi Bidhuri |Published : September 28, 2021 1:08 PM IST

All of us want healthy glowing skin, right? While we are born with a sift to touch, smooth skin but maintaining it over the years can be challenging. Everyday tear and wear can make the skin look rough and dry. But all that is not lost! What if we tell you there are a plethora of ways to achieve that supple skin of your dreams!

We talked to Dr Noopur Jain, founder and consultant dermatologist at Skinzest, who suggested easy-to-do steps that can help you get an amazing glow over time. It will take time as you cannot magically achieve the skin of your dreams overnight. It takes some patience and a few consistent steps over a period of time. It's not impossible, but you need to put some effort into that amazing glow.

Hacks To Get Soft, Silky Skin

Here are some easy-peasy hacks suggested by the dermatologist:

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Healthy diet And Supplements

Since times immemorial, we have been hearing about the benefits of having a nutritious healthy diet. "Eating fruits first thing in the morning can work wonders for your skin. Try to beat time to consume it and give it a gap with any other food item of at least an hour or more. Fruits should be consumed as a separate snack or meal. It should not be mixed with any other food items for the best absorption of nutrients. Having a colourful plate, fruits loaded with vitamins, minerals and fibre will give your skin the boost it needs from within", says Dr Noopur Jain.

Dr Jain further explained that fruits and vegetables have several vitamins and minerals, hence they help in the production of collagen which will make your skin glow, healthy and firm. We all know vitamin C is great for the skin. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps heal blemishes faster and makes your skin radiate. Apart from including it in skincare you also need it internally. Some of the best and easily available sources for vitamin C are; citrus fruits like orange and lemon, broccoli, guava, papaya, kiwi, strawberry and potatoes.

Consume Moringa: The name might be unfamiliar to some, but it is very easily available online at a reasonable price. Moringa leaves are known to contain 7 times more vitamin C than citrus fruits like orange. It acts as a protective barrier for your skin and is packed with antioxidants that can protect skin cells from damage.

Regular Clinical Facials To Promote Exfoliation And Skin Hydration

Having a good skincare routine is definitely good, but that alone won't be enough. Exfoliating your skin will remove the dead skin cells, which will make your skin glow and be healthy. Our skin naturally sheds dead skin cells from the outer layer to produce new cells. This happens every 30 days or so. Regular exfoliation has several benefits; it can prevent clogged pores, flaky skin, acne, help your skincare products penetrate deeper and effectively. While exfoliation is very important, it has to be done right. Therefore, regular clinical facials are safe and promote exfoliation which can help your skin stay hydrated.

A Simple Skincare Routine Is Enough

Your skin changes most of the time, it can be due to hormones, climate or ageing. So regularly visiting a dermatologist will ensure that your skincare regime is up to date as per your age and skin type. It is a piece of advice most skincare experts and dermatologists suggest; that is to not skip out on sunscreen whether indoors or outdoors.

After a tiring night, you must just wanna crash on the bed with that makeup still on. But it is not recommended to do that. Makeup is another layer on your skin, and it can trap your day's pollutants and dirt inside your skin. The dirt can lead to infections as well as premature ageing, enlarged pores and collagen dehydration. So never sleep with makeup on.

Applying serums as recommended by your dermatologist in the morning and evening. Serums penetrate our skin slightly more than moisturisers and improve skin quality and turnover.