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Review Your Skincare Routine: These Habits Can Cause More Harm Than You Think

Skincare Habits That Can Cause More Harm

Even if your skin-care routine checks all the boxes, there's a possibility that certain innocuous habits are damaging your skin. So, stop making these mistakes if you want healthy, glowing skin!

Written by Arushi Bidhuri |Published : August 16, 2021 1:25 PM IST

Are you unable to pinpoint the cause of that small zit on your face? One of the main reasons why your skin might be suffering is your habits. When it comes to skin problems, a bad habit is at the basis of the problem. These daily habits that might seem harmless could actually sabotage your skin texture and lead to several issues. There are a few not-so-obvious reasons like washing your face too much, not applying enough SPF and more that could be harmful. If you too are wondering about what is it that you might be doing wrong, here are some bad skincare habits you should steer clear of.

Bad Skincare Habits You Should Avoid

Dr Muneeb Shah shared three skincare habits that might be doing more harm to your skin than good. Check out the video here:

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Bad Habit #1: Exfoliating More Than Twice A Week

Did you know your skin exfoliates itself naturally in a process known as desquamation? However, sometimes this process is disrupted and slows down the process. This is why exfoliation once in a while is good and healthy for your skin. But overdoing it can cause problems for your skin. In the video, Dr Shah explains that exfoliating more than twice a week is not good for your skin. "It takes 28 days for your skin cells to make it to the top layer of your epidermis. Exfoliation removes part of your skin barrier and you need to give your skin time to repair itself after."

Bad Habit #2: Make-Up Wipes Around The Eyes

You get home late, you are tired and want to wash your face as soon as you reach home. But first, you need to get rid of the eye makeup. You would naturally want to look for makeup wipes, but the US-based dermatologist suggests otherwise. He wrote in the caption, "many of my patients only wear eyeliner and mascara during the week and will use make-up wipes to remove this before cleansing. But remember, the eyelid skin is the THINNEST skin and that harsh dragging leads to inflammation. This is a huge contributor to dark circles, irritation, and fine lines in this area! Instead, dissolve make-up with cleansing oil or balm."

Bad Habits #3: Showering With Hot Water

Nothing feels more relaxing than a hot shower raining down the showerhead. It might feel fantastic for a moment, but it might prove harmful to your skin. But Dr Muneeb suggests that a hot shower may be doing more damage than good when it comes to your skin's health. Explaining how hot showers may cause skin problems, he wrote, "This has been shown to irritate the skin barrier, strip away natural lipids and increase transepidermal water loss. It is best to wash with warm water and a gentle cleanser!"

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