Popular Skin-Care Tools: Benefits of GuaSha and Face rollers

Both GuaSha and Face roller help in stimulation of the blood flow.

Many people have the misconception that using Guasha and face rollers can help reduce aging or wrinkles which is absolutely false, says a dermatologist.

GuaSha and face rollers are a lot in trend these days. If you're also using any of these tools, use it only once a week for about 15-20 minutes, says Dr Stuti Khare Shukla, MD Dermatologist, Hair Growth Queen of India. The expert also explains the benefits of the facial tools, how to use them, which one is right for you, and more. Keep reading -

GuaSha and face roller: How are they different?

Basically, GuaSha and face rollers have the same functions, but they do differ slightly. GuaSHa helps in tightening of the lower facial muscles whereas face rollers work a little superficially. Both of them are meant for addressing the stimulation of the blood flow, which in turn actually helps in skin brightening as well as skin rejuvenation. They also are very helpful in providing the right and firm pressuring that is meant for removing the lymphatic blockages which in turn improves the puffiness and further helps in tightening of the skin. Both the facial tools work in stimulating the collagen production also, which is helpful in making the skin look younger, tighter and firmer.

How often should we use these tools?

Just like everything else, these tools should also be used or practiced in moderation. Using them once a week for 15-20 minutes is good enough.

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Can these tools help reduce aging or wrinkles?

Loads of people have the misconception that these tools can help reduce aging or wrinkles which is absolutely false. What you must keep in mind while using these tools is that these products or tools are meant for prophylactic use. For example, if you are a young person, you can indeed slow the aging of your skin, but they are not a replacement for Botox or fillers. So, if presently you're suffering from wrinkles, these tools won't be that effective for your skin. But these tools can be used in your day-to-day skin regime to further maintain your skin. So, you can use GuaSHa or face rollers for maintenance but not active treatment. Moreover, GuaSHa further helps in tightening of the skin muscles as well. Our face is made up of various muscles and has a very rich musculature which gets tightened once you use these tools.

GuaSHa Vs face roller: Which is more effective?

GuaSHa is most beneficial for people having puffiness issues with their face as this puffiness takes place because of the lymphatic blockage or drainage that isn't clear and what GuaSHa does is help in removing the stagnation of lymphatics.

Things to keep in mind before using GuaSHa and face roller

Before using GuaSHa and face roller, always make sure to clean your face thoroughly with a face wash first and don't apply any ointment on it whatsoever. Also, make sure you don't have any breakouts otherwise they might increase or might cause skin rashes if you're suffering from any kind of skin allergy. Also, if you're using these tools for the first time, do not use them for more than 5 minutes.

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