Korean skincare routines for radiant and flawless skin

Korean skincare routines for radiant and flawless skin
From reducing inflammation to increasing hydration, using homemade ingredients for our skincare routines can lead to healthier, more radiant skin.

Korean beauty trends have gained much prominence in the past few years. Read on to find some of the most popular Korean skincare routines to get a flawless skin.

Written by Arushi Bidhuri |Updated : October 23, 2020 9:36 AM IST

Korean beauty trends, much like their entertainment industry, have recently gained prominence around the world. Even if you are not familiar with Korean trends, you must have noticed the flawless and dewy, porcelain skin of the Koreans. Korean products have become immensely popular, and beauty enthusiasts are going gaga over them. So, what is the beauty secret to that flawless complexion? Well, with the right techniques and following a proper skincare routine, you might be able to achieve this in no time. Today, we have for you some skincare routines from South Korea to elevate your skin health. Hop on the bandwagon of K-beauty trends with these easy-to-do skincare regimens.

Double cleansing

Want to get off the dirt and dust accumulated on your face? This easy-peasy K-beauty trend is perfect for you. Double cleansing is popular in Korea among women as it helps clear skin and get rid of all the unwanted residue, which gives them skin woes. This easy-peasy technique involves washing your face in two steps first, by using an oil-based cleanser, followed by a water-based cleanser.

Multi-tasking technique

This K-beauty technique works wonders for your skin and nourishes it to make it plump. Start with an under-eye mask and while it works its magic, apply a charcoal mask to your nose and chin to get rid of dryness and blackheads if any. Now, cover your cheeks with your favorite mask. For the forehead, you can take the approach suitable for your skin type.

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Hydrate your skin

The key to getting glowing skin is always keeping it hydrated. Use mists, sheet masks and moisturizing regularly to achieve a radiant, dewy glow. You can mix face oil or serum in with your foundation if you have dry skin. You can invest in creams containing pearl extracts for luminous skin.

10-step skincare routine

If you know anything about K-beauty, you must be familiar with the 10-step Korean routine, focusing primarily on care products and less on decorative cosmetics.

First step: Remove dirt by massaging cleansing oil gently on the skin and rinsing it with warm water.

Second step: Use a facial cleanser in circular motions to clear any traces of dirt left.

Third step: Use a gentle peel to remove dead skin cells and pores. Do this only once a week.

Fourth step: Give your skin a calming effect and restore the natural PH balance of your skin with the help of a toner.

Fifth step: One of the most important steps in Korean skincare routine is the use of essence, which is a moisturizing liquid with a light texture. It will give you a smooth, radiant complexion.

Sixth step: Use a serum to give your skin that extra needed moisture, eliminate impurities, minimize fine lines and tighten the skin.

Seventh step: One of the greatest gifts of skincare given by Koreans is sheet masks. Sheet masks are infused with various skincare ingredients that absorb the active agents and moisture.

Eighth step: Korean eye creams contain collagen that helps to reduce fine lines and reduce the signs of ageing.

Ninth step: It's time for emulsion a light moisturizing cream with a milky lotion texture, which is used for skin problems.

Tenth step: The final step involves applying a rich facial cream to nourish the skin with moisture and leaves it looking radiant.