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Is It Possible To Change Your Skin Type Without Damaging Its Texture?

Is It Possible To Change Your Skin Type Without Damaging Its Texture?
Is It Possible To Change Your Skin Type Without Doing More Harm Than Good?

Are you irritated with the problems that come with having oily or dry skin? Read on to know if it is possible to change your skin type without damaging the texture of your skin.

Written by Arushi Bidhuri |Updated : September 24, 2021 1:26 PM IST

Most of us use products and decide our skincare routine based on our skin type. We consider skin type as something we cannot change, if you have dry skin then that'll be it for the rest of your life. The general assumption is that it is permanent like your height. Once you know you have dry, oily, or combination skin, it is assumed to be unalterable. But is it really?

Dr Noopur Jain, founder and consultant dermatologist at Skinzest says, "it is not possible to completely change your skin type as per your wish, it is assigned to you through genetics. There are other factors as well that can contribute to your changing skin types like hormones, environment, ageing, and medications."

While picking products for your skin whether it be a moisturiser, face wash, foundation, or other creams, you specifically need to choose the product that will suit your skin the best. Knowing your skin type is crucial. But some have extreme skin types and they breakout or appear oily due to that.

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But Is It Possible To Change Your Skin Texture In That Case?

Here are some possible reasons why your skin is suffering and ways to fix it, as explained by Dr Noopur:


If you suddenly see your dry skin becoming oily, stress may be a factor. Oily skin can also become dry as you age. Seasonal changes in skin types are temporary, but you have to change your skincare routine and treat your skin rightly during that particular period. If you see your skin suddenly feeling dry or oilier than usual or a combination, the first step is to take a step back and readjust or recalibrate your skincare regime. And tweak it to suit the changes you are seeing.

Climatic Changes

Every skin type reacts differently to climatic changes. If you have dry skin, you might notice your skin becoming flaky, more dry and red sometimes during the winter season. So, you have to be vigilant and alter your skincare by using a heavier moisturiser. On the other hand, during winter oily skin, the sudden environmental change can increase oil production. So you will have to switch to a milder moisturiser. There is no fixed or best moisturiser for skin, your skin is unique so use the products that suit your skin best.

Hormonal Changes

Women experience menstruation every month and it can result in several hormonal changes. When hormonal levels fluctuate, it can cause changes to your skin. Since it is a very brief period, you don't have to drastically alter your skincare regime. Just some moderate changes will be enough.

Unhealthy Diet

Your diet also plays a role in your skin type. If certain food items make your skin dry or oily, try to minimise their consumption. If your food does not have an adequate amount of minerals, proteins and vitamins, then your skin is not getting enough from within. Therefore, you can expect wrinkles and early ageing symptoms, so eating good food is also directly proportional to healthy youthful skin. If you treat your skin right, then it will show results by radiating and glowing.

Using The Wrong Products

One of the reasons you might be experiencing breakouts and other skin-related problems is using the wrong products. You can always maintain and support your skin type with the right products. There are ways in which you can adjust your skin type. Using dermatologist recommended products for dry skin can help you not break out, or in the case of oily skin, it can make your skin not look oily.

Even though you can't physically change your skin type, your skin does go through various changes if you want it or not. So it's always good to alter one's skincare routine once in a while. If you're following the same skincare regime and products for years, they will stop showing any difference. An effective and updated skincare routine can help your skin glowing and look the best.

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