How To Get Rid Of Peeled Skin In Monsoon?

How To Get Rid Of Peeled Skin In Monsoon?

At the root of the issue of peeling skin dryness, a fundamental shift you should consider is to choose a body wash over soap.

Written by Tavishi Dogra |Updated : September 22, 2023 11:11 AM IST

Splendid Skin in Monsoons: While each year's season is beautiful and brings unique joys, it also calls for fine-tuned care of our skin. A common complaint in the monsoons is peeling skin. Skin peels in monsoon are unsightly and painful. They occur because while the weather is cool, breezy and relatively pleasant, the sun is still doing its job. So, while it is hot, the UV rays are also stronger --- as rain starts, suspended particles in the earth's atmosphere, which cause a scattering of the sun's rays, are washed away, and the UVs reach the earth's surface with greater intensity.

Skin Peel Off During Monsoon Season

The skin peeling off in the monsoon is a dry condition called xerosis cutis. Left untreated, it complicates exfoliative dermatitis as it spreads to larger body areas. In any case, it can lead to eczema or psoriasis. While looking at the most prominent causes, we must remember that there can be contributory factors like sunburn, some medications and their side effects.

In Some Cases

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We have discovered the cause to be seborrheic dermatitis. This condition starts from the scalp but, in some cases, can descend to the facial region. Among other not-so-common reasons is hypothyroidism ---- insufficient thyroid hormones can lead to skin peeling off. Staph and fungal infections, allergic reactions (from cosmetics to foods), Vitamin A toxicity, and, in extreme cases, the Peeling Skin Syndrome are causes. Fortunately, though, in most cases, peeling of skin in monsoons is an irritant or environmental factor which can quickly be addressed.

That's what happens and why it happens. Dr Navnit Haror, Dermatologist, Aesthetics, & Hair Transplant Surgeon, shares here's what to do about it:

  • At the root of the issue of peeling skin dryness, a fundamental shift you should consider is to choose a body wash over soap. Soap tends to dry the skin, stripping it of oils and moisture. A body wash is, therefore, a better alternative. Select a hydrating one. The other key recommendation is drinking lots of water.
  • And use of a good moisturizer. Keep eating the leafy greens year-round; they are great for your health and skin. Wear light, breathable fabrics and use lotions with SPF. Remember to pop vitamins B3 and B7 if you have flaky skin. In addition to the above, aloe vera is excellent for first-stage treatments as a response to peeling skin.

If symptoms persist or aggravate, please immediately consult a dermatologist.