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8 dos and don’ts to follow if you are opting for body piercing

Dr Mohan Thomas from Cosmetic Surgery Institute, Mumbai offers some valuable tips to follow before and after body piercing

Written by Debjani Arora |Published : February 28, 2018 8:27 PM IST

Piercing whether it is in the ear, nose or anywhere else on the body is an invasive procedure and has its own set of care and precautions. People all heal differently and everyone reacts differently to the effects that piercing is known to have on the body. Piercing is not a natural process as far as your body is concerned as we are breaching the skin cover which protects the body from all harmful organisms. Experts do not advocate body piercing but if people insist on getting it done, then all known precautions and aftercare should be taken. The aim of the aftercare process is to help you to allow your body to accept your new piercing so that it won't lead to rejection. Here are few tips to keep in mind if you are having a tattoo done.

Here are a few dos and don ts offered by Dr Mohan Thomas from Cosmetic Surgery Institute, Mumbai

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  1. Take care that all piercing material is sterile and disposable. These can transmit serious infections.
  2. Keep the area of the piercing clean. Piercings can become infected as a result of bacteria which live on unwashed skin and hair so keep yourself clean! Know that there could be potential harm in going for a piercing.
  3. Clean the piercing with antibiotic solutions and apply antibiotic creams
  4. Contact a physician if you have signs of infection so that appropriate oral antibiotics can be prescribed.
  5. Be prepared to put up with a little bit of pain for a few days


  1. Try to change the jewellery before the piercing has fully healed. Healing times range from four to six weeks. A skin tract has to be formed before the jewellery can be changed.
  2. Pick your piercing! It is natural for new piercings to form little bits of crusty stuff around the piercing site. Do not pick these off or you will damage the piercing.
  3. Protect the piercing and jewellery from getting entangled in clothes during sleeping. This can cause a tear in the skin or severe pain.

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