5 interesting facts about sunscreens

Yes, you must use sunscreens regularly. But there are certain things you need to keep in mind before using one. Make sure you consult with a dermatologist to choose the best for your skin.

No matter what the season is, we have all been urged to wear sunscreens because they help us protect from the harmful rays of the sun and its damaging effects including skin cancer. It s not even October yet, but the October heat has already begun. Among the many things, we Indians must do when there is more heat and the temperatures rise, is wear sunscreens. While you gear up for the scorching hot month (or months), here is what you should know about sunscreens.

You could suffer from Vitamin D deficiency because of sunscreens: Studies have warned that while sunscreens are known to protect against skin cancer, they may be inadvertently making you deficient in Vitamin D, causing muscle weakness and bone fractures. The study also states that nearly one billion people worldwide may be having deficient or insufficient levels of Vitamin D due to inadequate sun exposure related to sunscreen use.

Even if you want to get a tan, you must use a sunscreen:Ultraviolet (UV) radiation blocks vitamin D synthesis and limits the skin's ability to produce more of the vital vitamin. That s why it is essential for you to use sunscreen even if you want to tan or if you have dark skin.

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There are oral sunscreens too: Believe it or not, there are oral sunscreen tablets and drinks available in the market that claim sun protection. However, it is better to consult with a doctor or a dermatologist before proceeding to ingest any sunscreen.

Some use natural oils as sunscreens: Olive oil, avocado oil, sesame oil and cottonseed oil are some natural oils that have sun damage protection properties.

Different sunscreens suit different skin types: Those with oily skin must preferably use gel-based sunscreens, those with dry skin must use moisturiser-based sunscreen and those with a combination skin type, must slather water or gel-based sunscreen on the T zone and a moisturising one on the other parts of the face.

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