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5 skin and hair mistakes you commit when exercising at a gym

Certain mistakes at the gym can lead to acne and breakouts. Here are common skin and hair mistakes people make when working out at a gym.

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Updated : March 9, 2016 4:58 PM IST

There is no doubt that exercise increases your blood flow and makes you glow, but you may be making some skin and hair mistakes while you are at it. So ensure that do not make these mistakes to walk out fresh from the gym.

Mistake 1: You use a foundation

The thick oily foundation can be your worst choice while exercising. It can block the sebum and sweat in your skin, which in turn can cause acne and breakouts, says cosmetologist Nandita Das. Instead, apply a light moisturiser or an oil-free gel to your face before working out.

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Mistake 2: You use antiperspirant roll-on

Don t use antiperspirants or deodorants as it may block your pores and prevent the release of toxins through sweat while you are working out. Aluminium which is one of the most common compounds in antiperspirants has been linked to many other health conditions.

Mistake 3: You tie a bun

When you tie your hair too high or make a bun, you may find difficulty in performing exercises that require you to lie down. Instead, make a pony, braid your hair or just use a bandana.

Mistake 4: You leave your hair open

Breakouts is one of the most common gym-related skin issues. So make sure that you always pull your hair back from your face so that the bacteria from your hair doesn t come in contact with your face while you are working out, suggests Nandita. Use headbands and bandanas but try to keep it away from your hairline. Also, ensure that you do not put any leave-in product on your hair before working out as it may touch your skin and lead to breakouts. Use makeup tips especially for acne prone skin.

Mistake 5: You touch your face while working out

Do not touch your face while you are working out especially when you are using cardio machines or are doing weights. The gym equipment breeds bacteria, so it is best to keep your hands off your skin.

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