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Should guys use moisturizers to fight dry skin? (Male grooming query)

Use moisturizer to fight away dryness of the skin!

Written by Adil Dolani |Updated : July 16, 2014 12:28 PM IST

Dry Skin

Hi, I am 23-years-old and suffer from dry skin. Could you tell me what should I use to protect my skin? But I am ashamed of using moisturisers. Can guys use them?

If you think avoiding a moisturiser can make you manly, well it's time you stop living in the dark ages! A man's skin needs to be moisturised on a regular basis as the moisture of their skin gets depleted ever day. Use a moisturiser than not only treats a dry skin but also offer protection to the sensitive skin of your body. Moisturiser in fact retains the water, which was to be evaporated from the skin. And stop worrying about your masculinity, grooming products are widely accepted worldwide. If you want to save time and money, you may opt for moisturisers which have sunblock too.

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How to use a moisturiser

  • Apply moisturiser right away after a face wash
  • Apply with clean hands
  • Give it some time to settle it down
  • Don't overuse it to make your skin greasy

Therefore, throw that shyness away and protect your skin from dryness with a moisturizer!

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