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Say goodbye to contouring; here's everything you wanted to know about the hottest makeup trend 'non-touring'

This will give you a whole new avatar.

Written by Shaloo Tiwari |Published : November 21, 2016 4:10 PM IST

Are you tired of contouring like all of us are? Bid goodbye to it because the beauty world has received the perfect replacement for it--non-touring! This is basically all about giving a very natural look to the face. Unlike contouring, this makeup technique uses very minimal products to give more of a real-no-makeup look to your face. This gives more of an illuminating effect than matte. It gives your face the natural dewy look, in only 3 steps. They are:

  • After you've cleaned your face you may skip moisturizing your face and directly apply your primer according to your skin type. Don't use one that's super matte. Choose the one that's dewy or has a luminous shimmer. Don't apply too much of it just create a perfect base for the next step.
  • This kind of makeup is supposed to look very natural, therefore you need to skip the whole of the foundation part. Instead you have to use something light like a tinted moisturizer or your favorite BB cream. Ideally, concealer too shouldn't be used for a lighter look but if you have blemishes, you may go ahead and dab some.
  • This is the last step. All that is left to do is highlighting (which is a huge makeup trend in itself right now).There are umpteen options for highlights available in stores. Choose the colour that flatters your skin tone. Also, depending on the kind of skin you have-- whether dry or oily-- choose between powder or liquid highlight. Brush it on the part of your face where the light would hit naturally that is the area above the cheekbones, under the brow bone, down the bridge of the nose, and on the cupid's bow.

This is like a blessing for people who don't want to look very decked up. You can use this technique almost every day without looking like a painting. Go ahead, try it out and let us know how you liked it.(Read: 6 types of contouring techniques to transform your look! )

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