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Real women share the struggles they have with chemically-straightened hair

Chemical hair straightening could lead to hair loss.

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Published : May 8, 2017 4:25 PM IST

More and more women are trading their natural hair for relaxers, but while the chemically-straightened hair look is trendy and flawless, the technique can have a lot of side effects. Just to give you a little background, straightening hair permanently breaks the disulphide bonds in curls, smoothening them into straight strands. The full growth of natural hair takes time (like two years), but till then, you can face many challenges. Hear it out from a few women who had their hair straightened.

It is important to use anti-fizz shampoos and conditioners post treatment for long-lasting results. If proper care is not taken, the effect reduces with every wash and your hair will be back to normal in few weeks. I had to shell out a lot of money buying expensive shampoos, conditioner and serum to maintain my straightened hair , says Meera.

My hair turned extremely dry after the treatment. I started getting a lot of split ends. Even oiling my hair twice a week did not help. I eventually got carried away by all the hair spas as they promised softer and manageable hair but all went in vain. Reducing the length of my hair was the only option I was left with , says Ankita. Here are 13 hair care mistakes people with curly hair make.

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Just one week after straightening my hair, the waves started showing up back on my hair. I was clearly not happy with the results. I just had to blow dry my hair every single time I washed it so I could get that straight look. The extensive heat treatment only ended up damaging my strands , says Nikita.

I suffered a lot of hair fall after the treatment. In fact, the thick hair I once had before the treatment, now had no volume. Once a week, I had to apply an ultra-reparative, deep conditioning treatment to beat hair fall , says Arpita. Here are a few hair straightening methods and treatments that can cause hair fall.

The new hair that grows curly also requires a lot of TLC. The half straightened and half curly look is nothing close to beautiful. You reach a 'neither point' where you can neither tie your hair nor leave it open because of its appearance. The only thing you can do is, wait for the hair to grow so that you can chop it off or just straighten it again , says Barnali.

Bottom line Chemically-straightened hair requires a lot of maintenance. If you have scheduled a parlour appointment already, do it at your risk.

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