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Read this before you remove a tattoo!

Know all the facts about laser tattoo removal.

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Updated : May 24, 2017 3:32 PM IST

Maybe you got your boyfriend s name tattooed, but now that you've broken up, you are wondering why you have the devil s name written on your left hand. While you might want to get rid of the thing, the question is how long it will take and how much it will hurt. If you want to make the ink disappear, you should read these facts from dermatologist Dr K Khatuja.

Topical creams don t work: Don t even bother about the creams and balms that promise to erase or lighten a tattoo. There is no topical tattoo removal treatment or home remedy that works to erase a tattoo.

It can be difficult to get rid of a red or yellow tattoo: No one laser works for every colour. Different colour absorbs a different wavelength of light, so it is difficult for a medical practitioner to have every single wavelength for every single colour. Most professionals end up buying lasers that work on black and blue. So getting rid of colours like red and yellow can be particularly tricky.

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Laser treatment releases a burning smell: While you may not feel the tattoo removal, you may get the smell. There s something called as a laser plume released into the air which gives out a burning smell when a laser is fired at the skin.

The laser does not hurt: They numb you up before a laser treatment, so it will only hurt for a second. The room with the laser is very warm as the laser generates a lot of energy and so they put on a protective eyewear so you can t see anything. Did you know getting a tattoo in unhygienic settings can put you at a risk of infections?

Tattoos on hands, feet and ankles are difficult to remove: The tattoo on your knuckles can be harder to remove than the tattoo on your lower back. Tattoos in the vascular areas of your body are easier to remove. It can be easier to get the tattoo removed from your trunk than your buttocks or upper arms. Feet, ankles and hands are the toughest.

You need several laser sessions: You may need anywhere from 10 to 15 laser sessions to totally get rid of the tattoo. Your skin also needs time to recover so it might need hours at the clinic if you need multiple sessions in one visit. Here are 5 areas you should not get a tattoo.

The tattoo might leave a shadow: Even when the tattoo removal is complete, a faint shadow of the tattoo may be visible on your skin. Your friends will be able to make out in which area you got the tattoo done even after the removal.

The area can sting for days: You put a gel to prevent scarring and fasten the healing, but when the anaesthesia wears off it hurts for a couple of days. Also, don't get a tattoo done before you read this.

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