Read this before you decide to grow out your hair

Growing your hair is not as simple as you think!

We have seen some of the biggest stars from Sonam Kapoor to Tiger Shroff rocking stylish mops. And it is not just because of the army of stylists they have. A little bit of maintenance is required to make your hair look really hot and sexy and not messy and unkempt. So if you are planning to grow your mane, read these tips from hair and beauty expert Janet Fernandez first. Trust us they will help you take a call on how you should exactly be styling your hair.

Examine your locks first

Before you decide to grow out your strands, take a look at your locks. Not everyone should grow their mane. For instance, if you have coarse hair, growing it long will only make it bushier. And if your hair is thin, your longer style will only draw more attention to those fading follicles. Keep your hair short, if your hair is thin.

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Do not chop your hair

A big challenge for a lot of people is being patient with their pate. Your hair grows about half n inch in a month and making transition from a bob to something where you can run your fingers through can take a lot of time. You may be tempted to chop off your hair on a hot summer day, just keep a bandana handy instead of taking an impulsive decision.

Trim your hair

Trimming is crucial if you want to maintain a better shape. Trimming can also ensure that you do not have split ends and have an even hair growth. If your hair grows longer on top, style it back and just wait for the rest of the sides to grow before you trim your hair. Here's how to manage long hair.

Visit the salon for maintenance

If you are planning to grow your mane, you need to visit the salon more often to keep your hairline and sideburns from overtaking your face. Also, make sure that you tame longer strands as you approach your desired length. Real Indian women share beauty secrets to make your hair grow faster.

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