Quiz – Is your skin ageing early?

Take this quiz to find out if your skin is likely to age prematurely.

is your skin ageing earlyThe skin usually starts showing signs of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, etc. when women near 35. But with lifestyle changes, this age has moved up a bracket with these signs showing up even in late 20s. Few simple changes can help combat these but before you can do so, find out if your skin is prone to early ageing. Take this quiz to find out.

Question 1: What is your skincare routine like?

A. Cleanse, tone, moisturise twice a day

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B. Wash my face once or twice with water

C. Don't follow any particular routine

Question 2: How often do you apply sunscreen?

A. Every day, without fail

B. Before I step out of the house

C. If I get time

Question 3: Do you smoke and drink?

A. I don't smoke or drink

B. I do both occasionally

C. I do both on a regular basis

D. Either of the two

Question 4: Do you get adequate sleep?

A. I sleep for eight hours every night

B. My sleeping pattern is very erratic

C. I do not sleep for more than five hours

Question 5: How healthy is your diet?

A. I eat a well-balanced diet

B. I mostly eat junk food

C. I don't really pay much attention to what I eat

Question 6: Do you workout?

A. I go the gym/play a sport/do yoga

B. I get little exercise over the weekend

C. I follow a sedentary lifestyle


Answer 1: A good skincare routine is essential in insuring that your skin stays young and supple. If you are irregular with it, you are likely to suffer from premature ageing of skin which shows up as fine, lines, wrinkles, etc.

Answer 2: Sunscreen application is a must to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. Even at home, apply sunscreen as the rays can penetrate from windows. These can rob your skin of its sheen and result in early age spots and pigmentation.

Answer 3: Smoking causes premature ageing by reducing the supply of oxygen to our skin which is needed for its renewal. This makes it lose its elasticity and the corners of the mouth have lines due to the dragging action. Alcohol releases free radicals which cause much damage and do not let healthy cells replenish. This leads to a loss of collagen and the skin ages earlier.

Answer 4: Erratic sleep hours or even lack of sleep can result in eye bags, dark circles, puffy eyes, which are signs of ageing. You can apply creams to combat them but unless you give your eyes enough rest, they will show up on your face.

Answer 5: What you eat, shows up on your skin. Eat a healthy diet and your skin will glow. Eat an unhealthy one and your skin will sag, look dull, have pigmentation and look wrinkled earlier than you expected.

Answer 6: Exercise pumps in more oxygen in your system which means better circulation resulting in younger-looking skin. You can also try face yoga which further works on your facial muscles giving a collagen boost to help steer clear of lines, wrinkles, etc.

If your answers are mostly Bs and Cs, you are likely to have premature ageing skin. You can reverse this by eating right, exercising, following a good skincare regimen, in short, following a healthy lifestyle. (Read: 3 secret anti-ageing potions revealed)

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