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Quiet Quitting: The New Skin Care Trend Of 2023

Quiet Quitting Is The New Skin Care Trend Of 2023

Sometimes, it is also good to let your skin breathe by toning down on your skincare routine.

Written by Kinkini Gupta |Updated : February 2, 2023 2:16 PM IST

It is not easy to be particular and regular about skin care routines. Somewhere between the sandwiched layers of potions and lotions, skincare went from being a form of self-care to a full-time job. Every now and then there is a new skincare trend that pops up on social media and people feel the urge to follow it regularly. Such skin care trends that are started by celebrities of social media influencers are also not very affordable for ordinary people. Not only is it extremely expensive, but also is very extravagant. People who have a very busy work life, who are in office or in front of a computer for the major part of everyday cannot keep up with such trends.

What Is The Quiet Quitting Skin Care Trend?

We have heard of the term quiet quitting in jobs but have you heard of it when it comes to skin care? This is the new trend that has gone viral in 2023. Quiet quitting refers to bring skin care routine down to the bare essentials that people absolutely need and no more than that. In this trend, people do not stop taking care of their skin altogether but, use fewer products and keep the routine simple and natural. Quiet quitting refers to no more multi-step routines. This trend works for all kinds of people who have very little free time but also wish to take care of themselves.

It's difficult to build a routine when there is always something new being offered, especially with access to social media and e-commerce like never before. This is probably why quiet quitting is a trend we see in 2023 - and, with lifestyles generally becoming busier day-by-day, it's natural too.

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Less Care Can Be More!

Quiet quitting is beneficial for your skin too. Overuse of products, creams and lotions or applying too many layers combined with weather and UV exposure can actually damage your barrier. You can heal your barrier by simply toning down on the number of products you use or the number of times you use it. Going back to the simple basics sometimes helps the skin heal faster.

How To Downsize Your Routine?

Experts recommend that we should always keep a few important items in our kit and that would be more than enough. First thing that we should always have is a good cleanser, second thing is an antioxidant serum, the third product is a good quality moisturizer and lastly a sunscreen lotion and cream. This is how you can downsize your skin care routine.

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