Product Review: Oriflame Feminelle Refreshing Intimate Wash

My experience with the Oriflame Feminelle Refreshing Intimate Wash. Find out whether it's a hit or a dud!

Fortunately, I have not suffered urinary tract infection for the past 25 years. Honestly, I did not take any special precautions nor did I drink five litres of water a day, but the bug hasn t really troubled me till date. However, with the current road trips and travelling and using public washrooms more than often, I knew I had to take better care and practice more hygiene if I wanted to make a record of being the woman who never had a UTI all her life.

I decided to give intimate or feminine washes a try. I am sharing this review of the Oriflame Feminelle Refreshing Intimate Wash after using the product for two months, because I wanted to be absolutely sure that it worked. I am happy to say that till date it has worked just fine. The Oriflame Feminelle Refreshing Intimate Wash comes with natural lactic acid and pink hibiscus extract. Now this is one flower that has so many benefits and also prevents UTI.

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I began using it once a day when not travelling and twice while I was on the road, once in the morning and once after I reached the hotel. As compared to my body wash, this product gives me a refreshing feeling and it s rightly named so. Since it balances the pH, I did not observe any kind of irritation or itching even when I used it for the first time. The mild floral fragrance keeps me happy during periods. The dispenser bottle is convenient to use and lasts for almost more than a month. For Rs.329 for a 300ml bottle, it is easy on the pocket too.

The only con is that the bottle is huge and can t be carried in the handbag, especially if you have it full with sanitizer, tissues and the likes.

Will I buy it again? This is my second bottle. I will give the other variants of intimate washes by Oriflame a try the third time.

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