Product Review: Lakme Glide On Eye Colour – Deep teal

The deep teal eye pencil glides smoothly and is very long lasting -- try it to believe it.

I am an eye make-up person. I haven t used a blush or foundation except on my wedding. All other days it is just good eye shadows and eyeliners. I found my love in gel eyeliners recently and I reviewed one of them here. I usually use the gel eyeliner when I am going to be out of home for almost the entire day. But for quick visits to the supermarket or a coffee evening at a friend s place I prefer to use a kohl pencil or pencil eyeliners as they are quick and easy to apply and available in range of colours. Tips for choosing the right eyeliner for a perfect look.

I have used the Maybelline Colossal for donkey years now and my only complaint with it is that you have to rub it really hard for the perfect finish. My cousin recommended the Lakme Glide On Eye Colour and in fact gifted me one in Aquamarine colour, because she knows I love blue eye pencils. So here s my take on it after having used it for almost 20 days now.

My review of the Lakme Glide On Eye Colour Deep teal

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Its buttery! That s the first thing that came to my mind when I applied it for the first time. It glides so smoothly and perfectly that just one stroke is good. If you want a darker finish, you can opt for two strokes but that s all you need. It contains vitamin E and jojoba oil, both of which are important parts of skincare and that I think explains the soft and smooth feel of the eye pencil.

It s totally smudge-free and stays on for more than four hours. I went out for an hour and then came back and did not remove it to check how long it stays and was mighty impressed. After that, I used my Lakme Make-up remover which I have reviewed here and there was not a hint of dryness or irritation. I have also applied the eye pencil on my waterline and there is no discomfort. It does not irritate my contact lenses or stain them, which is an added bonus. I was never comfortable with applying eye pencils on the upper lid because of the inconvenience of rubbing them and getting it right. This one has makes that task easy too. These tips to apply coloured eyeliner perfectly also come handy.

All in all thumbs up to this product and I am going to go buy the green, brown and grey coloured eye pencils soon. The price is a little on the higher side but I am sure it lasts for more than two months even if you apply it every day. It costs Rs350 for a 1.2g stick. Highly recommended for all eye make-up lovers!

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Image Source: Lakme India official website

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