Product Review: Himalaya Anti Hair Loss Cream

Is Himalaya's anti hair loss cream effective in treating hair loss? Here's my take on this product.

I had been suffering from very severe hair fall due to stress and after a point, the rate at which I was losing hair became alarming. These are the top 10 causes for hair loss in women. I decided I should do something about it and after browsing through a wide range of hair products that claim to reduce hair fall, I stumbled across Himalaya anti hair loss cream. The reason I selected the product was that the description claims that it enhances follicular hair density and improves the tensile strength of hair . The product claims to work by stimulating the hair growth cycle and even inducing faster development of hair follicles. A 100 ml tube of Himalaya anti hair loss cream costs Rs 330 and it is widely available in most stores. These are the different types of hair loss you need to know about.

The trial

The tube is white in colour with a green cap and it is quite easy to use. The cream is light brown in colour and has a faint smell of Ayurvedic products. The instructions to use to product state that it should be applied to your scalp every day for at least twice a day and even more if you re suffering from severe hair loss. I decided against applying the cream on my scalp twice a day because it is quite oily and sticky and the last thing I wanted was to step out of my house with an oily scalp that would only attract more dirt. I instead applied it before bedtime after oiling my hair thrice a week since you have to wash or at least your hair with cold water the next day. I continued with this routine for around two months.

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My review

As soon as I applied it to my scalp, it had a cooling effect. The major con is that it leaves your scalp looking very oily and it could also end up staining your bed and pillows, so keep an old cloth handy to avoid that. The directions for use given on the product s box should not be followed, especially if you won t be at home throughout the day. I felt applying it just once a day was sufficient and a month later, my hair fall has reduced to an extent. Also, after washing my hair, it did feel softer than usual and looked less damaged. The only problem is, once you discontinue using Himalaya anti hair loss cream, you might start experiencing hair fall again. All in all, not a bad product but I would suggest using it on your scalp after oiling your hair for best results instead of using it on its own as a cream twice a day. Did you know, hair loss could be due to nutritional deficiencies?

My rating: 3.5/5

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Image Source: Himalaya website

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